What is “Earth”?

This is my personal belief – drawn from my own experiences and through Ex Inanis how everything appears to me. This, in itself, aligns or creates The Others of similar nature (in accordance to free will/choice) and that, then, also derives an overlapping Context. Our Context is similar, because our journeys are similar; our expectations creates a playing field that we can recognize together. The roles we serve for each other is only for ourselves to know. There is no right or wrong ; we teach ourselves and the universe (or “yourself”) aligns or creates the lessons.

We speak in “lessons”, but we could easily speak in terms of purifying a soul – of clearing that which holds it back, or out of cohesion. We could speak of experimenting with consciousness until it is “perfect.”

Yet I write this post with the disclaimer that my answers are not your answers. No one can answer why we are sharing this space, as the reasons are myriad. You can only answer why YOU are in this place.

“As of this writing” …

I feel as though I am here to share a message – as much of Ex Inanis was there inside day 1 and simply required 39 years to translate “as a human.” The knowledge of Ex Inanis was a relentless pest ; an itch that could never be scratched ; like rats crawling in the walls. Does this mean I was meant to share this message with you? Not necessarily. Perhaps I just need to do the work for myself to “carry it forward.” I have realized though that “sharing it with the world” is some kind of X-Factor that needs to happen.

But I also feel I have learned critical lessons my soul did not have, so “Earth” is also a means of school/purification. I think I am here to learn how to have relationships with people ; sometimes I feel like I was a god who met his dark end – alone and driven to madness – and needed a new way. My life has mirrored this in many ways.

Whether we have assimilated Nonsense and “fallen asleep” and are thrust into a kind of shadow realm, or perhaps we just never had the skill/knowledge in the first place – what is the difference?

What is it a shadow of? It is a shadow of the “real world”, although world is not quite right. It is a shadow of “whole consciousness”, which is experience-on-demand, heaven, and so on. The “real cosmos.”

I have heard the term “star seeds” or visitors who willingly plunged into the shadow to help rescue others. Maybe. I can’t outright deny it. It is like flat earth ; I just don’t know. These aren’t the realms that interest Ex Inanis. I do not care if the Earth is round or flat.

Ex Inanis is about repeating the same truth in many ways to show you that everyone is describing the same elephant.

Whether you interpret events as I have made sense of them – that our past lives “leak” into current lives for us to clean up until we achieve MVG – or you perhaps subscribe to angels, or higher selves who have “scripted” your life to teach you lessons, the end result is the same. We are all describing the same thing.

I often find comfort in feeling there are markers that are meant to occur and I have certainly experienced things of this nature, yet, as a means of empowerment/informative patterning, Ex Inanis typically only acknowledges the possibility ; it prefers for you to take responsibility for your life/consciousness at all times and leave questions that cannot be answered alone. Undoubtedly, I have oft felt, though, there is an “X-Factor” ; a playing field that is outside my sphere of control, perhaps waiting until I achieved enough mastery to escape its gravity, or perhaps for some prophesized event. Again, though, this is unanswerable – unanswerable questions are their own topic, but in general Ex Inanis doesn’t waste its time because it is a Nonsense trap.

After the events of March this year, I am no longer resisting my experience here ; for some time, I have been in a limbo, unwilling to engage with this dream because I felt tired of it. I went deep inside, looking for some secret knowledge that would open a portal out of here. I didn’t do these things out of hate; I did them because after years of searching, I felt like I could never discover a passion or purpose. I realized that this “disinterest” or this search for meaning was just another trick of Nonsense. Looking for reasons to love, or to be engaged, just creates “looking.” You have to “create from nothing” ; show up and you will find the love. It isn’t just enough to know that, though, you have to “do.”

When you are in love, everything is interesting – this is how children view the world, and it is how we should view the world also. I am determined to “have fun” no matter what, so I am no longer interested in “escaping.” I am interested in challenging myself to master everything I can master about myself. I am interesting in filling in the holes that I think I had when I came here – or the holes that I seem to have as of this writing.

Earth as a school – Earth as a purgatory – Earth as a refining process – Earth as the last bastion of darkness – Earth is a simulation – these are all effectively the same idea.

But what is Earth? I don’t know. The doubt seems to be a hint. I have always preferred the term “realm”, as that is more in line with something conjured from consciousness, yet I do not deny that I love Star Trek and the idea of exploring the universe. There are many “acceptable” answers as far as I am concerned. Why define one? The doubt may be the “gap” that separates us from knowing. It is an indicator of Nonsense / unwholeness. You do not “doubt” when you “think”, you just “do.” That is the “real” universe. Earth becomes its best self just for you when you leave it to mystery/faith.

Ultimately Earth is about cohesion. About training you to be a god. That seems to be my best answer (so far.) Its form or nature is irrelevant. We can only determine our own relationship with it.

Ex Inanis is the recognition of this and is about clearing out every pattern within you that holds you back from being whole. Ex Inanis is about becoming the “best” you ; about figuring out what the mind of a god is like. Ex Inanis is about finding the boundaries within and without and finding ways to exceed them. Ex Inanis is about creating patterns ; Ex Inanis is about translating many varieties of beliefs into a modular universal paradigm that produces a “harmonic” mind that functions without effort and (very little) maintenance which produces total freedom.

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