This blog is best thought of as a “stream of consciousness.” It has no opinion, position, or agenda. It is the embodiment of cosmic neutrality and thus may express itself across the entire energetic spectrum.

No effort will be spent accounting for audience. Readers should not expect a consistency of character, tone or voice.

All content on this blog is experimental. There is no intended goal, purpose or message to the content shared here, other than the fulfillment of the author’s whims.

This blog represents a digital pensieve: a place to get rid of irritating or burdensome thoughts and explore emotional blockages without reservation.

The thoughts expressed on this blog are not meant to represent the opinions of the author, but are the clearing of “mental debris.”

Nothing on this blog is intended to provide information, knowledge or advice.

What you take away from this blog is your responsibility.

Author is not responsible for seeing and/or summoning eldritch horrors after consuming any content found on this blog.

All images created by the author of this website are under EX INANIS © copyright 2024.

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