Nonsense & Resistance (Revisitng Resistance Pt. 2)

These are similar, but different concepts.

The Ex Inanis concept of Resistance is more or less ‘Home’ (in the new Lexicon) ; see the legacy article on Resistance for good information. Use whatever word resonates with you ; I use Resistance because that’s what it feels like. It is a “push back.“ It prevents you from ‘going above or beneath’ unless that is where your Wave is taking you. It isn’t always negative ; it SHOULD be a sense of comfort, or flow ; that indicates you are ‘home’ or close to it.

“Resistance” changes as we change ; so Home “moves” as we move. We move more into Home and Resistance is the new digs.

I have realized once again how Resistance is a friend ; it warns us away from behaviors we are leaving behind. It is easy to get angry or upset with negative emotions that appear to be holding us back, but a better perspective is to view these emotions as warnings or boundaries ; “go back”, “turn around.”

The challenge here is that sometimes Nonsense hides behind Resistance. Oh, yes. Remember, it is a mimic. But it takes a skillful recognition to know when Resistance is, in fact, an illusion of Nonsense.

Nonsense will borrow aspects of “home” and reflect them back to you to keep you “in your box.” It will have you rationalizing / / justifying all your suffering until your life explodes and you finally realize the illusion you’ve been buying into the whole time. Nonsense loves that.

You have to learn to recognize when the wall is solid or is just an illusion. The illusion will feel real – all the emotions and thoughts when you look upon it – but will disappear once you walk into it. And you will find the new Resistance / Home already moved with you and was waiting. That is because you already did the inner work, but didn’t do the “action” component.

That is the only way to dispel the illusion ; it requires an act of faith. You cannot will it away, or rationalize it away, or ‘figure it out’ because the illusion is coming from you, so it is a perfect mirror of your expectations. It will always ‘seem right’ no matter how you look upon it. This is the deadly nature of Nonsense.

Authenticity lights the way, but Nonsense knows this and will try to confuse you.

Nonsense can make The Other appear to both both impede & support you (which is is just too bizarre for most people to accept) ; because remember, Nonsense is not conscious. It is YOU that are allowing this abuse of your consciousness ; you are “renewing” your choices and complaining about it.

I am still learning more and more reliable ways of staying in tune in Authenticity. One of those is “disarming momentum.” Part of this is following through on your first thoughts or impulses (this requires a lot of practice, because following a first impulse may seem like climbing Mt. Everest), but sometimes it is about “Exhausting Nonsense” with brand new experiences. It is the Will/Intent + Faith + Showing Up process that we use when Authenticity is a little wobbly.

Authenticity is the intersection of the desires of Mind, Body, and Heart/Soul.

All three have desires ; it might help to consider them conscious, because they will seem to pull you in ways that are conscious (because “they” are you, and so you are pulling yourself ; they borrow the “reality generation controls.”)

The mind desires challenges and puzzles and problems ; things to solve ; things to think about and anticipate ; and so on. It is logical, reasonable ; it is “Vulcan.”

The Heart/Soul is the spirit, or the part that wishes to see a bigger picture ; it wants to make connections ; to form relationships ; to have new experiences ; to have “more material” to create “more material.“ It is the “child” or the adventurer.

The Body is most closely aligned to the idea of the physical and so desires sensations, feelings ; it greatly desires the Other ; nature ; bodily sensations ; food – the Body “is” the physical, or the Context (Earth, your body, other people, everything in it, etc.); it wants you “in” it, not your “physical vessel (blood and bone, etc.)

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