Exhausting Nonsense

A few days ago I found an author (https://www.youtube.com/c/Arch…) who helped to remind me of a few of my own lessons that I had forgotten. In this case, it was an offshoot of the Rottening (see Lexicon) ; complacency tends to create a very real Groundhog’s Day.

I have been making some subtle changes in my everyday patterns to start breaking down this “Rottening” effect and it is already paying dividends. Today, I made a big realization ; at least big for me. Something that “tied the room together.” There are a lot things we grasp intellectually but never pierce that place where only belief resides. Doings have a way of piercing that place in strange and unpredictable ways.

Dreams show us how that what we do in our “waking” life can often be “recombined” in our dream world ; our mundane “doings” often become abstracted or turned into metaphors in dreams. Sometimes dreams are just a “trash dump” ; a real kind of excretion of whatever you have been consuming/doing in your life. Sometimes dreams are places to play out fantasies, or fears that would be too tough in the “waking world.” What few of us ever question, though, even in paradigms that glorify physicalism, is that we have ownership over these dreams much like we have “ownership” in our own life.

The dreams “arise” from somewhere within and this is a great cheat code for anyone who doubts that your waking world arises the same way. When you truly understand this and you understand your “unity” with the dream, you need only explain the differences between the two. Much of Ex Inanis is about bridging the dream world and the “waking” world with its concepts, the primary of which is Nonsense – or the gap/buffer. Ex Inanis is meant to work even for someone coming from a hardcore physicalist mindset.

I will talk more about this later, but when you deny your life – your dream – this rejection creates “time.” Time (gap/buffer) opens the door to suffering ; suffering creates fear ; fear creates fixation ; fixation creates density. This whole process feeds on itself like a parasite and creates a prison / loop.

The realization I made – that I think I have made and am now trying to integrate much more into my life – is that you can “exhaust” Nonsense. By knowing the world arises from you, you can “challenge” it or “dig for it” (to clear it) by generating as much qualia as possible. This means doing new things as much as you can tolerate. And the more uncomfortable those things are, the better ; when you discover discomfort, it is a sign of a boundary, or a box you have placed within yourself, which ultimately represents “dead time” or entropy. Nonsense doesn’t want you to “go there”, because it represents change ; an expulsion of Nonsense. I am not suggesting you hurt yourself ; I am simply talking about challenging yourself to things you know your heart wants to do.

Some of this seems painfully basic, like they tell you in school – try different things, variety is the spice of life, etc. This is understating the message that I am trying to convey.

When you strain Nonsense [edit: rather, strain your ability to generate reality] in this way, I believe it breaks down (or “up”) ; much like when you are in flow, you begin to see glitches ; “repeats” of things you perhaps did recently, or thought about ; it starts resembling one of those dreams that – the day before – you didn’t question “came from you” because you watched some scary movie, or binged on your favorite television show.

This is GOOD. One of the chief goals of Ex Inanis is to cause break downs ; glitches ; strain the “system” until it falls apart (or comes together). This is reclaiming authority, or “becoming whole / becoming one” … it is the merging of your dream self and your waking self.

Simulation / Demiurge theory is potent because it has “seen” the way reality flows / repeats / recombines, but this is because we are constantly renewing our choices. It seems like a simulation if you disown your responsibility in creating it. Those choices rise from foundations we have built ; most of our “waking” time is automated on foundations we have forgotten about. I am not just talking about some bad habit you have, or some idiosyncrasy (though those can contribute) ; I am talking about fundamental belief patterns ; I am talking about “invisibles” you will never see until you make a faith/commitment because they basically don’t exist in your conception of the universe ; you will never be able to think about them or see them until you jump. They are epiphanies, insights, “ahas!” ; they are those salient moments where you know “something just changed.”

I’m going to give more tips on exhausting Nonsense in the future ; I have an idea I want to explore.

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