This page contains all the reference material that I find useful, insightful, inspiring or sentimental. I created this page so I could always have a place to remember what brought me here.

None of the content on this page is mine.

Just because it is here, does not mean I agree with it or endorse it — just that it was salient. This page may be organized different in the future, or split into different sections.

I hope you find it useful in your own journey.


Esoteric stuff that is worth taking a look at even though it hasn’t been mentioned in any blogs. This list is generally reserved for very high resonance things, not just mildly useful things.


Any video material that has been posted on the site before.


Any music that has been listed on the site before.


Generally reserved for anything that actually makes me laugh out loud, or improves my mood. Even though none of this stuff is referenced on the site, I want to start creating a repository for funny instead of losing the links all the time.