The Second Era

I realized this post is basically a poor draft of what is now the front page. I recommend you start there instead.

I have migrated — again — from Tumblr to WordPress. While I am not fond of WordPress (as a developer, it is growing on me), I needed greater control without being bogged down in full ground-up programming and customization. That is not what I am here to do on Earth.

I have re-organized the website into the “First Era” and this post marks the beginning of the Second Era.

The First Era is be the initial birth of Ex Inanis, i..e, the “Year of Pain.”

The First Era was a tale regaling the final moments of a prior life as it struggled against its inevitable end. It was about obtaining confidence I needed to fully step into my truth. This was not a simple task for me because it meant accepting circumstances that I would rather have not, but my spirit would no longer allow me to be indifferent.

The required confidence required me to let go of a lot of anger and resentment, as well as setting aside dysfunctional systems of compassion and sovereignty.

The Second Era will represent a more intentional strategy going forward. I want make this a professional source of information for myself & others and help us all achieve our god-sovereignty.

What is my truth?

Free will is absolute. All decisions are honored and all outcomes happen. There is never anyone or anything to blame but ourselves — absolutely, without exception. The entire universe resolves from this seemingly simple truth.

This truth also implies freedom, for the recognition of this truth is the recognition that we deeply yearn to be free by removing all barriers to the idea of “absolute free will.’ This truth reveals all of the stories that are not in service to our own will — an unsettling perspective most are not willing to explore.

Ex Inanis is the ongoing exploration of this truth. Most humans have a watered-down idea of free will. I have spent most of my life committing to this truth and it is a ravager of the human story.

Understanding that free will is absolute means letting go of everything, because your entire world just becomes stories that you are telling yourself and these stories have power over you. Living “in but not of.”

Most humans can’t accept that their limitations are of their own making. Humans justify, rationalize and excuse their lives behind both mundane and divine authorities, ethics, morals, excuses, physical appearances, and more.

These are all stories we are telling ourselves every day that perpetuate our “prison by implication” or “by omission of our own authority.”

The more the truth of free will is integrated, the more miracles and “spooky actions” happen in your life simply by the making of a decision. Ex Inanis is about reclaiming this DECISION power. Magic is real and it is the power of pure will.

In this blog, I detail how I recognize the patterns — the demons, if you will — that are holding one back. You must often take the leap of faith in order to begin to see truths you couldn’t imagine before.

I hope that readers can learn something from my dedication and experiences to this unusual mindset.

These patterns are subtle, even sublime in their ability to remain undetected within your consciousness. You will learn to applaud or appreciate how adaptive they are because they are essentially you avoiding you.

Ex Inanis is an ongoing exploration of these truths, how to uncover them, how to hold them, and how to apply them.

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