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I am a sort of ex-gamer. That is, I used to play video games. A lot. I’ve talked bit about that before.

And now I don’t.

I may do some constructive gaming / content creation in the future.

I didn’t stop playing video games because I hate them, or think they are evil.

The real reason that started the departure was the idea that I was playing a “game within a game.” While this is somewhat just another way of expressing the traditional wisdom of reality vs. fantasy, there is a darker truth to this that pushed me over the edge.

Video games are of course also “part of the whole.” By this, I mean, it does not serve us to think that video games are in a special category versus other ways you can spend your time. Any vice can become an unhealthy fantasy that lets you avoid your own life. The problem is the trajectory that games set you upon in particular.

I still watch others play video games (which strangely is a greater vicarious joy than playing than anymore) and sometimes an ad squeezes through my ad blockers. As of late, I’ve been getting advertisements for VR headsets, the latest of which was centered around the idea of “experiencing the world in VR.” Like climbing mountains, visiting other places or seeing an aurora, or whatever.

Are you fucking kidding me?

The idea of VR sounds so enticing, doesn’t it? All the rewards without any of the investment.

You are being conditioned to re-program your own consciousness (with your consent.) You are being programmed to disown your own world into a “sub world” that is subject to corporate interests.

There are those of you who think this is just some conspiracy, but I will try to explain this is plain terms without the woo-woo.

The nefarious part of this process isn’t that the activities in isolation are dangerous or bad or evil. This is a long-term “restructuring” of your mind, like boiling a frog. You will not turn into a slobbering zombie because you played a video game or put on a VR headset. However …

As you normalize the VR as a substitute, you necessarily — by simply omitting your attention (will) — disown/devalue the parts of your life that the VR now acts as a replacement. So instead of figuring out the steps to becoming a rock-climber, planning the trip, meeting the people and the entire journey, you just throw on the headset for your “experience injection” and call it day.

You become dependent on the provider of these substitute realities. And those who owns the substitute realities own you.

If we’re all immortal, equal beings, why would any being want to “own” another?

Most of the people employing these agendas operate at a lower-level of consciousness. We do not need to attribute to malice what we can attribute to “smaller minds.”

They do not see their own evil (evil being consciousness patterns that bring about Nonsense/chaos). But they will enslave you to them, because it is in their own good to do so. In their mind, this is not evil, or abnormal in any way.

What do I mean by “lower-consciousness?” A “lower” consciousness is a consciousness that needs to feed. It is driven by its urges or its fears. It has a dependence upon the external world for its own ongoing stability/cohesion. It “has no god” because its god is the physical world. Without this feeding process, it breaks down.

This kind of lower-consciousness cannot think in higher modalities so it thinks in solutions appropriate for its level of consciousness. In other words … if all it has is a hammer, then all solutions involve hitting things with hammers.

The low-consciousness mind strives to build, construct and maintain systems that are in its own best interest, i.e., that 1) keep it alive, 2) let it avoid having to face itself to become more cohesive.

You will become a battery to these people if you buy into their “visions of reality.” If you feel offended by “battery”, then perhaps “enabler” is a better term. You enable low-consciousness to perpetuate … because you are absorbing the low-consciousness into yourself and so it becomes a real expression. This is where you should get a little whiff of “unity understanding” if you’re paying attention.

VR is just one aspect. Black boxes — computers, phones, most of the internet — media, policies, fake truth, fake history are a few other means to separate and desensitize you to “living life” or to get you to buy into the “substitute world.”

Calling this all an “agenda” may be too generous when all these examples are just physical manifestations of low-consciousness. The “feed or be fed upon” design is just a natural byproduct. Do you blame a storm for causing rain? There is a legitimate discussion to be had whether there are players in the game who know what they are doing and just don’t care.

For the woo-woo: You cannot die. You can forget, as in a dream. You forget less the higher in consciousness you ascend, just as you are able to recall dreams or “go lucid.” This is all a continuum. You are choosing where your continuum goes RIGHT NOW.

What is the natural evolution of video games and VR headsets except putting your consciousness into smaller and smaller boxes? What is the end result of all these boxes?

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