Hook, Hook, give us the Hook!

I had forgotten how much I love the movie Hook, from start to finish. I resonate with this story so much that it is absurd. From the story of Peter having an intense fear of death, to “devolving to an adult” and forgetting who he is, to finding a reason to be and to becoming the embodiment of the child (and of course the wonderful music score.)

Man of La Mancha, Baron Munchausen, Vito Cornelius – these are my heroes. They are so iconic to me as embodiment of Ex Inanis.

Somewhere along the way, I got lead astray from my own work.

If I had to hazard a guess when this happened, it was when I reached the end of Ex Inanis. I have been here before. Do you know where it leads?

Ex Inanis showed me that this world is a dream and we are all children who have been fooled into thinking we are adults.

I remembered my inner-child and felt intense abandonment. I was in a world surrounded by adults. I began looking for similar philosophies / people to not feel so alone.

This lead me to a lot of New Age teachings, plus a handful of other fringe people, because it seemed like no one else was even coming close to the truth.

The longer I neglected my own work and settled for “substitute work”, the more I “forgot” the truths I had discovered. The more I slipped into being an adult. I had forgot the stories that I needed to tell myself to understand the truth (I had lost my marbles!)

We can never use the works of The Other as anything other than springboards for our own enlightenment. This will always lead to disaster.

A great many lessons have been learned to bring Ex Inanis to a closer state of “completion.” A recent revelation/re-remembrance is this: without yesterday or tomorrow, there is no “now.” There’s that synthesis again.

The now is a synthesis of yesterday and tomorrow. You need a future in order to invest into this “now” moment and you need yesterday to make it meaningful. If there is nothing to look forward to then you are in a state of self denial, or under a very clever spell to keep you confused.

I know, because I’ve been there. For a really long time. I got tricked into being an “adult.” All of us have.

By simply remembering moments in our life that we enjoyed – even just one “happy thought” – we can dispel the notion that we have been abandoned. We know that even in a world that seems like it has nothing for us, we were able to find happiness. That means we can find it again.

Without this synthesis, there is no potential. There is no god. There is no inner-child.

“Now” is an incomplete concept which I accepted into my own work for quite some time. In polarity terms, neutrality cannot exist either without positive or negative. This is all part of the comprehension of the whole – of unity.

What happens when you stubbornly try to exist without a yesterday or a tomorrow? If you reject yesterday, you create resistance & suppression that eats away at you. If you reject tomorrow, you remove you reasons for making choices, or creating life at all.

You cannot create happiness “in a void” – this is Nonsense. This is “ADULTHOOD.” You might call this dysfunctional being.

It is an anti-being, because it misunderstands the nature of appearances. We cannot abdicate our responsibility from which these appearances arise, otherwise we are attempting to detach ourselves from ourselves (Nonsense.)

The world is part of us and we are part of the world. There is no “inside” and “outside.” When inside & outside synthesize, they create “qualia (experience).”

As we progress on this journey, there is nothing informatively helpful by believing there is any inside or outside at all. This is the true graduation and leap of faith. This is unity. This is the emergence of the dream (Welcome to Never Never Land.)

No inside, you say? That’s right. Do you truly understand this implication?

When Peter remembers his happy thought is his children, he is remembering potential – he is remembering his unity, his connection to God/Source!

The informative position to make use of this knowledge is to treat the world and everything in it as if it is part of you. And do you see? And how do you treat yourself?

That is all for now. Bangarang!

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