Revisiting Resistance Pt. 1

Ex Inanis is fundamentally about the Deliverance from Nothing / Nonsense ; creating states from nothing ; disregarding appearances ; faith ; the “Divine Mirror.”

When doing this work, it inevitably feels like there are two worlds we are dealing with ; the world we want to leave / destroy / transmute / reorganize, and the world that we want to go into, or the “Ideal” world.

Technically, this is a trick. There is no such thing as “before” or “after” or yesterday or tomorrow. The world that you desire already exists, because you have just imagined it. In every moment, your “Authenticity” plays out every possible reality outside of your awareness and returns with a “ping” that lets you know how to get what you want. You can “ping” the universe at any moment to figure out where to go. You are the “finger of God” and God / Creation is showing you how to do what you want – but you cannot reject your prior choices.

Your Wave is the “cauldron” of all your choices, fading in and fading out, for all eternity.

Your imagination is real. It exists – right now – in your world. Where else would it be? There is no inside and outside. “You” are everywhere! You have simply not “moved in.” This “movement” is imperative. You must MOVE. You have twisted your mind with lies and rationalizations why this cannot happen. Fallen into loops and paradoxes from which you derive a kind of comfort or familiarity. Watch everything you are doing “up there” and realize there is no “up there” and “down here.”

Let us be crystal clear: There is nothing wrong with your desires. The world you wish, the world you imagine ; this is the stuff of creation. I don’t care how ambitious you are ; this is not about good or evil. I do not care if you wish to become some kind of dark Overlord. All realities are realized and possible. Ex Inanis is not here to judge, but to show how it is possible / as a work of faith / as a means of deliverance.

The illusionary distance between you and that world is produced by choices we have made that contained Nonsense. We put a gap / buffer into our own desires and distanced ourselves from them. This creates a myriad of problems and all suffering exists because of these choices.

Ex Inanis is about knowing what the rules are so we can break them. The rules are always changing, because the rules are your “Wave” – so we need a mutable/modular/dynamic set of rules/informative patterns that we reinforce constantly.  Ex Inanis becomes a PROFESSION ; a continual practice and execution of skill.

As long as you deal with The Uncertainty, your Wave contains Nonsense that must be “managed.”

This is how we manage Nonsense.

You will know when you have arrived, because you will be able to summon what you wish on demand.

This philosophy does not glorify a One True Path ; there is not a singular way of approaching creation. Ex Inanis is about the ultimate cohesion ; about becoming unbreakable, harmonic, able to navigate all reality at will without losing a step.

You are a dynamic “Wave” that is changing shape all the time ; your Wave produces what you perceive as reality. The reality that you are producing is simply what you have been pouring into your Wave. Your Will / I (Air, breath) moves the Wave and the Context arises from this Wave.

You must never reject your responsibility in weaving Wave ; everything you see and experience is there because it is “in you.” But this is okay: you don’t need to polarize your experience. That is a trap of Nonsense. It is permissible to like or not like, or to love or to hate. Your color is integral to Eternity. Whether it is death and destruction or sunshine and roses, all is valid ; suffering is not contained within these things. There is no perpetrator and no victim. This is polarity garbage. Polarity is the way of the victim mind ; of the survival mind.

Simply accept all experience, like a dream ; let bad “dreams” fade into nothing ; let good memories be reborn again and again ; then it is a matter of Decision (Intent), Trust/Faith and Showing up.

Sensitivity and “visceralness” is a different topic. Suffering has absolutely nothing to do with what you think it does ; suffering is a disconnection from self. It is not physical ; it is not a blow to the head, or an angry irritable person. That is simply how it physically manifests to you. I will write more about this, because I am absolutely tired of the common trend to polarize everything and associate experiences with particular feelings or sensations.

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