Wave Corruption / Sync

Something critical to remember is that the more your Wave is out of desync, the more glitches you will encounter. By glitches, I mean, more negativity, more suffering, more disruption of your life.

Do not attempt to assign rhyme or reason as to why these glitches occur. They can strike any area of your life. By attempting to provide a “story” to them, you are falling into a devious trap. This process of providing a reason or a story is bottomless. It is the one of the ultimate tricks of Nonsense, because you are allowing it to use your consciousness to create “infinite reasons.”

You must simply know you are out of alignment and need to start holding an intention to get back into alignment.

You already “know” everything you want out of life. There is no reason to question it. You must merely trust it. It does not need you to tell it’s story. You do not need to “correct” yourself ; there is nothing wrong with you ; you are the conduit of creation. You must simply configure your lens.

Just as there are positive “glitches”, I cannot understate how wild things can become when you are in desync. Stuff that has worked for you for years will go awry for seemingly no reason. You will begin to doubt even things you held resolute – your personal verisimilitude / your beliefs will be severely tested because you are essentially attacking yourself – your creative mind will begin to spin stories and this will drag you into a rabbit hole.

If your cohesion cannot hold up, it will buckle and break ; this will reveal to you areas you need to improve, but it will not necessarily be pleasant. Your physical life will almost certainly suffer consequences. Always know, though, that just as quickly as things can degrade, they can improve.

There are better ways to increase your cohesion without suffering – without Nonsense. Remember, though, this isn’t a rejection of suffering ; it can teach us many things, but it is the recognition that we are choosing to learn in a more loving environment from now on.

When you are out of alignment, everything you do must come into service of coming back into alignment ; you might call this “healing.” Set aside all other concerns until you are back to “center” and can hold your center without effort. Nothing else matters until the center is re-established. Depending on where you are in your life, this can be quick and easy or it can be long and laborious. The more secure you are in your personal paradigm, the quicker you will recover from mistakes, or “holes” in your model.

There is a caveat here, though, that I have recently been through: pride commeth before a fall. You can become so certain of your paradigm that you become complacent. You, my fellow god, will be ripped from the sky and thrown to the ground. Always be vigilant to what you are choosing ; where are you spending your time? Who are you judging? What world are you expecting? Do not forget that your Wave is constantly on the move and must be renewed with what you put into it ; this is why the goal of Ex Inanis is the “Minimum Viable God” ; a mind that effortlessly creates a “God Wave.”

Do not be afraid to use crutches ; make the crutches your ritual ; recognize they are part of the world you have already created and use them to make you stronger. Do not fall into the trap of “man mode” or Dysfunctional Sovereignty. This is a gross inversion of will ; it is the excessive masculine, or the myth of willpower. This is like a Nonsense generator. I will write about this in the future.

What you “do” doesn’t matter so much as long as you are “doing.” There is that oft saying: fake it until you make it. Holding an intention – a Decision – is all that you need. Understand that your Context will generate thoughts, emotions, feelings (including physical sensations, like pain or discomfort – or pleasure, or comfort) according to apex of your Wave – at the crest – in your immediate qualia. This is the “appearance” of reality or the “illusion”, although illusion is a poor word because it is real. We use these terms to show you how to step back from them ; to see what you are creating.

The Wave is always moving, even as you are reading this. The apex, then, is always changing. Your Decision right now is what is changing it. The more you are in sync, the more you can close the Nonsense / Buffer / Gap.

We will talk more about Intention, but Intention does not require perfect words or perfect emotions ; Intents are perfect and crystalized ; they are “Knowings.” A Decision/Intent only requires commitment/faith and the “doing” ; you will then begin to “show up” and the path will become clear to you, even when it seems like you are being fed nothing but bullshit.

Manifestation techniques often talk about the visualization process and I agree this can be useful – but the Decision/Intent is already perfect, you already “know” exactly what it is suppose to be. Walking the path reveals it – clarifies it – makes it more. The attempt to “create the feeling you want” can be considered part of doing ; but you can simply have faith and show up. The “showing up” part, though, is where most people (including myself) screw things up.

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