Earth/Human Time

I want to talk about time. Not quite the metaphysical concept of time, but more the Earth-Human sense of time.

We are meant to believe that the world goes through a 24-hour period. This is meant to be “helpful” by breaking down the day into units of measurement to which we can create schedules, coordinate events or meetings, measure phenomenon and so on.

This is a lie.

Time is a prison for your mind. This artificial construct has been gently lowered upon the natural world as a way of holding you hostage. This block of time – 24 hours – creates a fixation to which disconnects you from your inner-being and introduces a concept of yesterday & tomorrow which ensures your imprisonment.

Tell me, what does a “second” feel like? A “minute”? An “hour”? Describe how it “feels.”

Like a frog being boiled, you become adjusted to how fast or slow time flows based on your own expectation. But practically everyone has their own evidence of this being a lie in their own lives.

When your mind is no longer fixated on time, time becomes fluid. Time can seem to fly or seem to go on forever. Every person has experienced this, whether for good or ill. Whenever you are in “flow”, you become a master of time.

You have been indoctrinated into thinking that there is a function outside of you which marches on independent on this “sensation of time” but there isn’t. You are the one “making it go fast” or “making it go slow.”

Time is relative? Indeed. You have no idea.

When you truly apprehend this, then you understand how pervasive and how sinister the 24-hour lie is. You are like butter scrapped over too much bread, being stretched and stretched and stretched.

But Macil, the natural world follows this “24 hour” period!

You can divide “Now” into as many pieces as you like. Do you think we could reorganize our time-keeping to function on 36 hours? Or 2 hours? Sure we could. It is just a matter of perspective and doing the “verisimilitude” work to put it all together.

You don’t think we could create longer or shorter calendars? Of course we could. Human history has all kinds of calendars.

We could organize our perceptions of ourselves and our world however we like. You don’t even need to subscribe to subjective idealism to understand this. You can describe the natural world in a totally different system.

But Macil, the seasons! and stuff! … are still a function of a very long history of expectation and artificial structures put upon consciousness. We still have to accept our “output”, but we can never change that output without first taking responsibility for it and understanding how it came about.

The point is that these “structures” are tools to which to mold consciousness, or help facilitate how we interact with our world – to help create a world we want to exist within. So how is this particular tool – the 24 hour clock – molding our consciousness? Is it good? Is it bad?

Does the 24 hour clock increase integrity, or reduce it?

Your consciousness is “always unfolding.” The speed at which it unfolds is a function within you – within all of us.

The question becomes: “Why have we chosen 24 hours?” It doesn’t matter whether it is intentional or not, but it is part of that which contains your consciousness to the “Earth/Human” concept.

We don’t need to subscribe to sinister conspiracies (although we could and they are possible.) We could simply accept our developing ancestors felt the need to come up with some device to organize the world, without understanding they were imparting limits upon their potential.

So what keeps reinforcing this hideous 24 hour period? Our environment is inundated with clocks and a sense of plodding time. It is at EVERY LEVEL of our existence.

The first thing you see when using a computer or a phone is a clock.

Your car has a clock.

Television is nothing but programs and schedules.

You very likely wake up and go to sleep to an alarm clock.

If you travel anywhere, you are riddled with schedules and places to be and when to be at them.

Your connections to others are probably grossly dependent on “clearing time” or “arranging time.” What happened to spontaneity? It is being murdered. “Time” has no room for spontaneity, because then we wouldn’t have time!

Calendars are a kind of “fake infinity.” They are a fake structure (that limits your mind) that “extrapolates to forever.” How many of us plan for things days, weeks, or years in advance? Do you think these are “anchors” that must be fulfilled? Hint: yes, they are.

The worst of all of this is of course the function of time within work. That is the heart of the demon. Your job requires a precise sense of time. Showing up, going home, meetings, tracking, schedules, todos, lists – it goes on and on.

We could say that work itself is an emergent property of too much time to fill. It is not children becoming adults – it is adults becoming children. This obsession with production is a devolution.

I call this the “the production demon” – it is smoothing out consciousness so that it becomes colorless – existing to service just the production of more time.

Computers are the physical manifestation of excessive time, because computers are the embodiment of the survival-mind – BINARY – the over-fixation of detail.

Work itself emerges from the dragging of time. We are experiencing all the “steps inbetween” an intention and manifestation because of our perception – our expectation – of time.

In order to fulfill our expectations of time, which we hold within ourselves, consciousness must “fill in the blanks.” Instead of “I want a car”, you need “enough time” to give a viable verisimilitude / explanation of why the car can’t just “appear.” So you’ve externalized your will into “money”, “jobs” and a physical world that needs maintenance.

The rabbit hole goes deeper, but this is a good reminder/primer.

What can do about this? We reduce our sense of time whenever possible. We set aside clocks and learn to trust ourselves. We connect with nature. We find natural rhythms. You will experience “divine timing” the more you can do this.

You will not vanish. You will find your true self outside the confines of time.

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