Remembering How To Be

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Doubt is existentialism and this leads to unnecessary explorations (gaps/delays) and failure (or “unnecessary feedback.”)

This disconnection is a “remembering how to be.”

Some humans are figuring out their “reasons for being.” But that doesn’t resonate with me and it isn’t from a lack of trying.

I think I am learning how to “be without reason.”

This is as much about not needing a reason to be, as it is about being cautious of reason itself. What reasoning do we need to be happy? Answer: none at all.

My heart is asking me to step back from everything and just laugh at the sheer absurdity of it. I no longer care what The Other thinks about this.

There is a parasite feeding on the beauty/love of the world. I call it Nonsense ; I like to view it as a kind of critical malfunction in consciousness – an anomaly, because it is more empowering, but we can accept it as a phenomenon that occurs as “consciousness rises.” Same difference.

The parasite/Nonsense might be a dark group of controllers, aliens, or just a pattern of low/animalistic/dark gestalt consciousness that has been tolerated for too long. It doesn’t matter whether it is “within me” or the collective. It all connected and manifests the same.

To engage in this world is to empower this darkness – because it enters into our consciousness and comes alive through us. Hearing the “reason” is to argue with it and let it in. We see it as us and act through it.

Reason would have made Gandalf abandon his integrity and use the Ring of Power because he thought he could do good with it.

To reap the fruits of this material world, the darkness has to be appeased to lesser or greater degrees. Humans have rationalized and compromised with these affairs so long there exists entire paradigms and systems of belief to naturalize the behavior.

The Matrix is just one giant sacrificial altar to this darkness.

Humans are being relieved of every single one of these systems and this is what you are witnessing. This is a “physical byproduct” as consciousness expands.

The “good guys” glorify sacrifice & hard work to appease this dark consciousness as a compromise to find a misguided sense of happiness, but this will never free them. This is a devil’s bargain.

The “bad guys” give themselves over to the dark, losing themselves altogether and become parasites themselves.

There is no leading, fixing or settling/integrating with this place as-is.

The only winning move is “not to play” because this starves the darkness and allows it to pass from consciousness. Relentless neutrality. Putting a mirror in front of a mirror and bringing back infinity (potential, or the destruction of survival/polarity.)

This universe is a “mirror universe.” Becoming a mirror yourself is doing “Gods work.” You are channeling the essence of God. This is true freedom.

This infuriates anyone who has latched their sense of being into the “dark world.” The unknown – the potential – terrifies them. We are witnessing a “world wide exorcism.”

If we value the integrity of our own consciousness, there really is no other option. I’ve been saying this a lot, but I’ve been here before. Re-remembering this has allowed me to feel free again.

I don’t think there is any room for speculation about the future until the beast is dead. If you are trying to fix this mess, you are channeling Nonsense. Our job is to stand here holding it down while it thrashes about and dies/is expelled.

This is the most stressful time, because Nonsense is trying to convince us to “create more time” while it does this thrashing. We, ourselves, are being purged too – of all of our fears – because Nonsense knows them and uses them against us.

Love / wonderment and our detachment – being in the audience, but not on the stage – is our greatest asset here.

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