Context, Subjective, Objective

Ex Inanis has a strong relationship with subjective idealism ; meaning that reality comes forth from consciousness. The primary things that led me to this path were the fear of death and an obsession with creating a whole, sensible fictional world which led me down an endless rabbit hole of asking hard questions about “our reality. This post is not about those events, though.

As I have just realized (as I was practicing this new “exhausting Nonsense” concept yesterday), for an adept of Ex Inanis, the apparent subjective reality that arises from you is objective reality to you. This is very subtle. The objective is “within” the subjective, but as we have often talked about managing two worlds, we alter the subjective to create the objective, which while we recognize is a shadow or illusion of the subjective, cannot be rejected (making it a kind of faux objective) ; it must be accepted/allowed/experienced.

In understanding this, we come a little closer to existing with flow with ourselves without abandoning our inner knowing of the greater subjective experience/meta ; we are able to more smoothly operate in a world that we know is generated by its participants and so is not actually objective, but we treat it is as such because this represents an act of trust / faith which kills Nonsense. We trust the processes that “matchmake” everything together and how it arises from us absolutely.

When you truly commit yourself to a paradigm, it will reveal its truths to you, as well as its challenges / obstacles. There is no other way ; if you wish to know the ways of any perspective, it requires absolute commitment.

As I spoke of in the last post, Authenticity is an alignment of the self, which lights the way; it is the intersection of Mind & Body & Heart/Soul.

The Body, in my opinion/life, has been the hardest to integrate by far. The mind came effortlessly to me since a kid ; the heart/spirit followed very shortly afterwards ; and I have been struggling with the body ever since.

The Body requires a very advanced understanding of unity/qualia from an adept of subjective idealism. You must account for how everything is arising there, while not giving away all of your self sovereignty or becoming a tyrant. Everything in the ”physical” is there to produce “something” that is “you.“

If you become fixated on the idea that you are “in your body”, then you will need to deal with the associated conditions of this. Hell is produced from extreme fixations of this perspective. This is why is is Hell is often portrayed as flesh, bone, blood, and fire. Body fixation is too much stimulus, or hypersensitivity. A great way to trap a being is to believe they are stuck in a body. Fixation = fear. I might write about that. I think even small amounts of fixation may be fear, as they diminish flow/Wonderment (talk about that below.)

The human body is just a conduit, or the physical manifestation of ‘sensation’ – it is how we “receive feeling”, yet is has nothing to do with ‘us’ – it is not a ‘physical thing outside’ – but we can become sick (as in spiritually) by becoming too fixated upon these ideas of “how feeling is experienced” which we mistake “for the body.” This can be then manifested “in the physical body” but its true cause is something else altogether. The “motions we make” to heal the body are only part of the equation ; we have to identify what within us is causing these things.

The Other is also an incredible challenge for figuring out “The Body” question, but I will talk about that in another post.

As you practice believing you are not in the body, your perspective pulls back ; you start to feel “you” within the things “out there.” This moves us towards I call Wonderment/Unity. If you can remember how you looked at the world when it was ‘brand new’ in a fearless/adventure kind of way, like a kid, you are experiencing one of the conditions that Ex Inanis aims to effortlessly produce 24/7.

What I have realized on the other end of this experience in March (2022) to now as many of my inhibitions wither one by one is that I am coming into the reality that I only intellectually understood before – that “I” and the world are one. I think I am “forcing myself” into the world I created.

Since everything arises out of me, there is no reason to mistrust it ; it shows the perfect path/opportunities all the time. Even if make “mistakes” or must endure something I “dislike”, the “mistakes/dislike” were “within me” and would have to be dealt with regardless ; so there is no reason to never react in joy as much as possible. Irritation, disdain, apathy ; this is all Nonsense ; Nonsense is putting a barrier between you and what you want ; it is hiding the lessons you need to get what you want. You are always improving yourself ; moving towards the ideals/Home you “know” within (and this is different for everyone.)

Reasoning or arguing that what has been produced is not right/imperfect, or holding judgments about it and so on – just creates those things. It is an abuse of Will ; it is Nonsense borrowing your sacred creation space. We have to differentiate the “thrust of Wave” that is generated from what we hold (true choices) from “false choices” which are “pawing at the mirror.”

As we more towards this wholeness / Wonderment, everything becomes more optional ; we “feel” what we want to feel in the flow of the moment and discard the rest. Will / result becomes faster.

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