Body Fixation

You are living in a time or a world that has no concepts of doctors. Your closet equivalent is a shaman, or a healer, who is familiar with empowering patterns of consciousness (everyone comes to them for advice) and perhaps some simple herbs & remedies. These simple remedies are backed up by powerful stories familiar to your culture or tribe. For instance, you may believe that strawberries, with their powerful red color, are good for circulation or enhance passion.

Consuming these stories is bringing them into yourself. We consume stories like this all the time.

Our culture is far too fixated on the body. We blame everything on the body and it becomes a fixation upon which all other stories need to pay tribute.

Why does it feel uncomfortable or “yucky” to see “underneath” the flesh? Why do we recoil? Have you ever stopped to wonder why?

Revulsion is a warning sign — ignored and overwritten at one’s peril. All feelings are feedback mechanisms tuned to Zero/God and are in perfect order. They are how you “receive signals” from the cosmos. They malfunction when they are ignored or second-guessed. They are not intended to provide you with a “complete answer” because that answer is far too sprawling and complex for you to comprehend in the moment when a decision must be made — see the Drunk Librarian and how we have been created to be the “ultimate references.”

How did the anatomy of the human body come into being, except through a gradual progression of fixation and expectation of narrative creating it? Like the tree falling in the forest when no one is around — is there an “inside” of the body if no one has ever seen it?

Of course there isn’t — because nothing exists until it is brought into creation via an act of will (observation.) Return to an older post about how science has become a physical obsession –> Science & AI. This does not mean we are not beholden to “old observations” that have settled into the collective mind — but rather we have “delved too deep.”

“Exploring the unknown” does not equate to “cataloguing, explaining and removing all mystery” from something. That is an obsession. Obsession can only arise from being stuck, because obsession is an “eddy” or accumulation of energy, that results in anti-life, aka Nonsense.

Pain & suffering are equated with the approach of disease and death rather than an incoherence in life, or a discord within the Wave that produces “random noise” that our “divine” storytellers must give life in some sensible (perceivable through the senses) way. The world before us is closer to a “sound” than what we would consider a touch-and-feel physical object. The physical manifests the “discord” as decay, disease and entropy.

It is a vile “forcing” of creation to manifest these stories when we are not wise enough to create them from a place of detachment. So to us it becomes “real” — a binding — a pit for our awareness. It is like falling down a slope or burning a bridge. It is one thing to imagine, it is another to act upon, which is a movement of will.

There is nothing wrong with exploring, discovering, or unraveling stories. But it becomes a practice of anti-life when taken to extremes.

You cannot help but act from the foundation of “yourself” and so the world, no matter where you are, will always unfold according to this foundation.

Through the fear of death, life becomes separated from you. Life “happens to you” because you have put it outside of yourself — rather than you becoming an embodiment for life, or seeing yourself as part of it. And so you victimize yourself to life itself. It is a diabolical inversion.

And this divide — see the divide! see how it is out of unity! — creates an entropic state — you isolated in a bubble — even though you walk “among the world!” — because you are cut yourself off from the life and you will seek more and more solutions to “become life” which just makes you more dead. You have inverted the relationship, making life itself a parasite upon you!

But there is no such thing as death or “no life” — this is Nonsense — so you have abused the “storytelling mechanism” to play out this “anti-life” drama as best you can. This produces the loss of awareness, fixation, pain and suffering because this is as “close” as you can get to non-existence.

When you fear life, when you put this divide between you and living, you are playing out your own drama of becoming a zombie.

Through this “anatomy story” we have now confused our own senses & feedback mechanisms for “physical things” that exist — hearts, lungs and all the “unseen” things within — sensations, tickles, irritations, burnings, moving things, gaseous things, and so on — which (the “physical things”) have their own stories, and their own demands — we have given them form and names, like demons themselves! — when these should have never been divided from our “unity sense” — our sense of orientation — our “feedback from Zero/God.” Instead we have accepted unnecessary truths and arguments for truths that are plain when we experience them.

Close your eyes. Can you step back and see pain within your body as “within your mind?” Can you move it out of the body into “another place?” You can. Is this the pain in the body then, or somewhere else?

Have you ever had an injury, or a pain and become so distracted that you forgot about it? Where did it go? Was it ever real? I thought it was physical so why wouldn’t it always be pressing upon your consciousness? Or is it perhaps a choice, or something you are creating? If you can create a “distraction state” that is free of pain, then aren’t you also creating the state you return to that is painful?

Why is Hell always depicted as fire and bodies/flesh/consumption? Because this is how we experience all manners of suffering whether physical or mental. We can describe it all with the same words. Jealously & anger feels like burning. Anxiety feels like suffocation or incessant tickling from inhaling smoke. Contempt or disgust feels like a rot, or “ooze.” Insecurity is like being too close to a fire. Shame & regret is like being burned. Sadness or grief is like a tugging, or ripping.

All the same things can describe all manners of physical ailments.

Your body does not exist independent of consciousness. It is part of the whole scene playing out before you. But your body plays out your drama. It embodies and reflects the stories you hold to be true. Your experience exists. It is verifiable (to you). There is no divide between these things you feel in your body and feel in your “mind.” You are the one that provides the meaning and the relationships. It is your presumption that there is a divide that you act upon it as if it were true.

Hell is not a “place.” Heaven is not a “place.” Earth is not a “place.” These are all descriptions of states of minds, or being. The terrifying, mundane and the magical are all here right now and the only factor separating them is you.

We cannot just outright deny the “objective confluence” which we are caught within, yet neither can we swim to freedom without understanding our situation. They are so rooted within the collective consciousness that it does not matter whether we are experts in anatomy ourselves because we feel the pressure upon our domains — but must orient ourselves to deal with this “collective backwash.”

This is again solved by being in the player, not in the game ; about being in the audience, not on the stage. We must heal the “collective” within ourselves and this re-orients us to being able to create life.

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