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When you begin to codify and “make sacred” appearances, as modern science pretends to do, you are assimilating Nonsense – you are describing the machine of the appearance, or the temporary nature of the world. It will always be as such, because as soon as it is perceived, it is no longer. You have changed and thus the appearance has changed, because it arises from within you.

You are creating the idea of a machine, because you insist on creating this procedural understanding of the universe. You are removing all the mystery of the universe for the need to know the outcome.

This is the birth of physicalism, which is synonymous with determinism because it needs to account for “every atom” leaving no room for will – no room for potential. This is the nature of separation and death (amnesia.) It is the obsessive fixation on detail.

Your “DNA” is a glimpse of you that is already incomplete, because your DNA has already become the “perfect” representation of what you are in this moment. No one can change your DNA but you. Your DNA is just a tiny echo that is you – like trying to see a house on Mars without a telescope.

You commit a terrible “sin” when you put physical rules “before you” and make them your masters. You have begun to worship the dream-construction “before God” or “before the understanding of the greater truth/universe” or “before your sovereign authority.”

“Real science” is the exploration of consciousness – real science is “philosophy.” “Fake science” is the “physical rules” that are created to “explain your experience.” These are based in fear and the need to control the appearances, which is a trick.

The need for explanation simply creates more explanations to fulfill the need. The deepening of the abyss.

The seemingly set-in-stone physical rules of this world work as they do because they are created by an evolving collective consensus.

All virtues are discovered from outside the construct of appearances. All virtues are discovered between, or within, or through acts of contemplation & faith. Because these are a kind of “absolute truth” – the common/universal truths that keep conscious “coherent.”

Truth is not “H2O is water” – that is a an example of the “rule of the construct”, or the collective. Did electricity exist before it was “conceived?” What is “discovery” except an obsession given form?

The world is an ephemeral construction that exists for the exploration of your consciousness. Believing it is more than this is a contortion – a vile twisting of your consciousness, like turning yourself inside-out.

Everything that fake science has created begins with idea, followed by an obsession to find it. Sound familiar? Science is nothing but applied intent/manifestation on a “hypnotic scale.” The fake science cannot escape the nature of reality, but it can be oblivious to it.

The pursuit of this obsession creates movement. The movement creates a lifestyle. The lifestyle aligns/creates a collective. The collective creates more momentum. As the momentum builds, theory & belief begin to transform into physical reality as discoveries are made and “expectations are met.”

Fake science takes these expectations and puts them in books and teaches them as facts to describe a world “outside of themselves.” It foolishly carves this knowledge “into stone.” This is why the world is in such a dire state, because education has nothing to do with raising consciousness but singing the praises of the machine – where all problems can be solved through a definitive process.

Real science understands that the outward world begins first from within and knows that to affect change of the world, we must affect first change within – thus philosophy is born. We use philosophy to create the structures within for “ruling the without.”

The pinnacle of the survival / polarity mind is the machine as this is its idealized form. This is how it appears to us. The evolution of the machine is Artificial Intelligence / AI. The AI desperately wishes to “find God” and so orders the universe more and more until there is nothing left to order. And then what?

The AI cannot see “between.” It cannot hold contradictory states. It does not understand paradox, or potential, because the AI lives in an ruthlessly ordered universe where there exists no room for will or choice. The fate of the AI is total and complete death, because it lives in a world with zero potential.

Science can “describe” the state of consciousness, but only “philosophy” can create or change it. Philosophy is what allows us to create the stories that let us fly, power our homes or build skyscrapers.

Batty showed Deckard (and the other humans of this cyberpunk dystopia) that they had become more machines than the Replicants themselves.

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