All Together Now, pt. 1

A reminder of the standard disclaimer: these articles are not intended to “draw you to conclusions.” Use this discussion as a means to find your own truth.

This article has been in the wings for a few weeks now. I had a version that I had to re-write, because it lead to me remembering some old discoveries that had gotten lost to time. Significant enough that I believe this marks the beginning of the Third Era.

As consciousness becomes more coherent, it begins to understand that it and its environment are connected. As this connection is explored, it realizes — more and more — that its environment arises from itself and at the absolute upper end, it realizes that it is indistinguishable from this environment. When this knowledge first arrives, it brings with it glitches and oddities that begin to occur, such as frequent coincidences, the same sequence of numbers of a clock over & over, and lucid dreams.

If one hears the call and starts upon the path, the oddities become more bizarre. You will sometimes feel as if you can read minds or that people can seem to “echo” events or thoughts you’ve had recently. I call these echoes or traces. You’ll see news articles, or meet people in perfect timing, or you’ll see what seemed like a mistake was in fact a requirement for exactly what you wanted.

Coincidences no longer seem like coincidences, but either divine intervention or some kind of script. You may experience unlikely events like the arrival of fortune out of nowhere, an old friend appears to save you out of a bad situation. You may even have “near death” experiences where it seems like you should have died but somehow dodged a bullet.

As you progress more, you may experience remembering a different world altogether — similar to the one you are in, but with certain memories of differences. Folks in your reality may deride you for being delusional and accuse you of misremembering or having cognitive bias. But even if these disagreements come from the whole world itself, something inside you — that is unbreakable and has more confidence than you — will tell you that is your memory is correct.

These “lost memories” are like fading dreams and can include places — like where countries are located — people — who seem different (or perhaps dead!) — or simple things like logos for mega corporations that don’t exist. These have been called Mandela Effects. You are not crazy.

And yet there are levels even beyond this. For the inexperienced or unprepared, folks may experience being stalked by unseen forces, or seem to have spirits or demons that torment them within themselves or other people. Reality has begun to break down here. You feel as if you are Truman on the Truman show. You might start encountering terms like “NPC”, “Organic Portals”, or “Background People.”

Yet there are even deeper layers that I have seen few people report on. At this layer, which I often associate with the term “Grand Narrator”, the seeker has an ability to command or influence people without speaking to them — to cause local or even global events — beyond “simple” ideas of seeing visions or prophecy (which would have been a couple of layers ago), but like you are some dark wizard inflicting your will upon the world. A stray thought might burn down a house.

But not all is as it seems.

In the Law of One, which is often considered the basis of the New Age movement, the prevailing idea is that we are God experiencing himself and that the boundaries between our experiences are just illusions. In this, Law of One is not unique and the idea manifests itself in other works. The basic assertion is that we are, in the end, the same being and are in the process of “returning home.” The New Age equates God to the term ‘Source’, which had the “first thought” of separation that broke itself down into all the shards of consciousness. These shards are “remembering themselves” as Source.

It is a powerful paradigm because you can jam almost in other paradigm in there and make it work. It is “almost universal.” This is because it describes the cohesion process of a mind so well. And this makes it a great interest to philosophers like myself who seek truth and the crystallization of consciousness.

When you have been doing this philosophy stuff as long as I have, you quickly begin to realize everyone is talking about the same things.

While the more arcane elements of the Law of One remain obscure to most, the ‘All is One’ idea has gained significant hold over the collective consciousness and is an idea that boils right underneath the surface of a lot of other ideologies and cultural phenomenon without calling it “New Age.” When you begin to identify the pattern, you realize that the Law of One — New Age — is just the spiritual expression of this idea, while there are also physical and social expressions of this idea playing out right now.

The prevailing theme is the idea to “remove all boundaries.” From this simple idea, other ideas derive, like the removal of ego. There are pushes for radical acceptance and tolerance at all corners of our world. You are seeing this play out as people wish to unite the world, or how some people have become deranged and are unable to incorporate the idea properly and become unable to distinguish reality from fantasy. These people are falling behind the truth that the collective has begin to realize and wants to bring forward. The pressure is causing it to manifest as mental instability and physical suffering.

As we become greater seekers of knowledge & wisdom and begin to understand the underlying truth of being connected, it becomes appealing or even exciting that such a once-esoteric idea is being propagated. The problem, however, is that I think it is being hijacked — and this hijacking is almost invisible. And it does not matter if this hijacking is intentional, or unconscious, because it is something any seeker must eventually face.

For those who are able to have enough sense of themselves to question the idea of “All is One”, the Law of One/New Age has an abundance (pun intended) of material to capture and ensnare your quizzical mind. If you are a student of religion or philosophy — and not a zealot — you will find that the Law of One has a lot of truths within it. And it is compelling because it opens us us to ideas like timelessness, quantum physics, altered states of consciousness, higher beings with seemingly rational basis and more. There is a reason it is called “New Age” because it is a kind of philosophical blending of the modern technological era. Yet ever since I encountered these particular spiritual teachings, I have felt a sense of discomfort which I inevitably traced back to the concept of “All is One.”

I have spent years attempting to uncover this feeling all the while I have felt overwhelming pressure to give it up or ignore it. For awhile I did — but complacency will always lead to your destruction. This website was born because I refused to ever become complacent again.

To understand what this article is about, we must once again go through a crash course of essential concepts in these Ex Inanis parts. We will not be going into intimate detail on these subjects, because it presumes the reader is familiar with the blog, is on the same page, open minded enough to consider the concepts or my future self who has forgotten this shit again. Let’s start from the top:

Free Will is Absolute.

In order for this axiom to function, it requires a critical concept: a multiverse. This might be considered the “quantum universe” where all choices that are made come true.

Since free will is absolute, it means it can conflict neither with others, or itself. Furthermore, an absolute is indivisible. It is not a concept that can be permitted or denied, but is a constant. We could, then, equate free will with the “observer behind the senses” because it is this observer, which, upon making an observation, has made a decision. This occurs all-the-while you are conscious and never ceases. So — forever.

When you understand that just being alive is a process of never-ending decision by observation, then your entire life becomes a living on-going choice function. Whatever you choose to engage with is what you are choosing to create.

At the novice level, this is easy to understand. You break your life down into broad, chunky choices like what job you have, or what you’d like to have for dinner. At this level, you have many barriers between yourself and your will and so you are compelled by forces you believe outside of yourself. These outside forces includes not just the natural world, it would also include: your boss, your bank account, your body, as well as your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

As you advance, though, you understand the choices go beyond the physical. At this level, you understand you have a measure of control over your emotions & feelings. Even if you still hold onto the belief of a brain you are forced to deal with an apparent “inside reality” whether you like it or not. At the upper end, you may even begin to understand how these affect your body, or other people. You have removed some of the boundaries between you and your will.

At the next level, you understand that you are not your thoughts, emotions or feelings at all. You can watch them go round and around like hamsters and they have no influence over you. At the upper end here, you discover, even, that you can create any of these things out of nothing. You can turn a bad mood into a good mood, or you can turn fatigue into energy all with the exertion of will. Likely you will be forced to begin to understand a broader sense of “energy” and begin to work with it to make changes to yourself easier, or even heal yourself.

Many boundaries have been removed — but there are still more. At this point, you will probably begin to have some existential crisis around how the impact of others/the world/the collective has on you, because where it begins and where you end becomes blurry.

The final boundaries are everything you perceive to be outside of you. If you feel like you mastered the prior levels, here is a this list is of boundaries that is even larger –>

Your own body, your immediate qualia (your living environment that follows your observation), the physical presence of the Other.

You will realize your own mind is also a “place” or a boundary that “exists” yet is not perceivable and yet determines your relationships with the things outside of yourself. Some of these relationships include: the Other, the human collective, The Earth, imaginary realities, or your own sense of self.

You will eventually also start realizing the relationships and meanings themselves are within your command.

As these boundaries fall and as you begin to synthesize all of this knowledge (and unify it all under the same rules), you begin to see the wisdom behind the idea of “All is One”, yet a splinter may remain in your mind — as it did in mine — that something is amiss here. But some folks are satisfied with this level and do not question further.

I do believe a large portion of the world is set upon this truth, whether conscious or not and attempting to bring it into manifestation. They wholeheartedly desire the removal of all boundaries. On the surface, it seems like a noble task, because it the natural evolution of “The Golden Rule”: do unto others, because they are you!

But I want to tell you that there is more to these boundaries. They are not just illusions and are critical components of our experiential reality.

Since All is One stops here, it asserts that we are all the same being. It sees the divide between each other as the “final divide” and so we should act as if it doesn’t exist. This becomes a critical flaw, but one that is almost impossible to spot without sheer stubborn obsession (raises hand). It is right here that a hijacking has occurred, where some invisible monster that doesn’t want to be seen lies — that perhaps a few folks like Lovecraft might have seen without going stark raving mad.

Before I get to my own conclusions, I first need to walk you down what the fundamental beliefs of the Law of One / New Age that inform every other aspect of itself. This final divide will set the New Age seeker upon two inevitable paths in order to resolve –>

Enlightenment for the New Ager is considered extreme polarization. The Service to Self path — considered the negative path. This is often abbreviated STS. And the Service to Other path — considered the positive path. This is often abbreviated STO.

Remember, from the Law of One / New Age perspective, the idea is to remove the boundary that sees ourselves as separate from one another. Got it? STS and STO achieve this “unity of qualia” via different actions. When this final boundary falls, it is thought that we become one with Source and thus have “returned home.” You might equate this with the idea of self-actualization that I have talk about around here — but bear with me.

The Service to Self path eliminates this boundary by seeing everything as an extension of itself. As you progress along the STS mindset, the Other becomes more of a phantom of your own mind. And so the behavior of the STS becomes more and more “rude” in order to re-assimilate what it sees as its own consciousness that has “gone rogue.” The STS path requires extreme dedication because it must result in a kind of apocalypse in order to “return home.”

The Service to Other path instead removes all concerns for itself and re-orients its mind to the fulfillment of others, or the collective. It does not act out of benefit to itself. It always considers, to the best of its ability, how to benefit others first. Gradually, it diminishes its own needs until there is no longer a distinction between itself and its experiential life in service to “the world” or “the qualia.”

In both cases, you can see a kind of ego dissolution is the ultimate result. In the STS case, the ego dissolves when it is the last man standing, because it realizes it is the Source/creator all along. It is like an episode of Highlander, except everyone dies. And the STO eliminates its ego by subsuming it into the collective.

Yet …

Ex Inanis asserts that these NEITHER of these orientations results in what Law of One / New Age thinks that it does. Rather, Ex Inanis thinks that it is more likely that both of these paths results in the same place — but that place is NOT the intended place that New Age seekers would desire.

In the next article, I will attempt to explain how there is more to our boundaries than the Law of One/New Age seems to understand.

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