All Together Now, pt. 2

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There is deep truth in both ideas of the Service to Self and Service to Others, because it is the same old ancient knowledge in a new package. Yet it feels less innocent than the ancient knowledge — something uncomfortable about it — perhaps misleading — yet I always loathe to attribute malice to things.

Let’s start here …

When unity is apprehended, we must accept that we cannot see “past” our own qualia. You’ll have a lot of trouble with this if you believe physical reality is “outside” of you, rather than seeing it as part of you. That is a divide of your own qualia. Everything we perceive is within our perception and there is nothing outside of this perception. This includes the physical world itself, but also the unseen world of our mind and fantasies. It all lies within our own qualia experience. Whose else would it be? Note, this does not mean you are not receiving feedback from outside of yourself, only that the data you are even able to receive can never escape your own senses …

If Others are “real”, at best, we are still “prisoners of our own minds”, because even feedback from the Other represents yet another perception that appears to be ours. There is no distinction of “outside” ourselves when the boundaries between the physical & mind have been removed. Even our dreams are still being observed from “our observer” and so also must be ours.

Most folks simply turn away from the idea of unifying consciousness in this way. Most cannot get past the “shame” of solipsism, or skepticism, or subjectivism, in order to explore these ideas, which perhaps hold all the keys to our world. There is clearly an apparent “external” reality and they simply cannot make the leap, so they take shelter in the physical world — clear inside & outside. This has advantages and disadvantages, but we are not here to talk about those.

Ex Inanis won’t shame them for this. Staring into the abyss requires a toll and not everyone is willing to pay it. I promise you: the mental toll can result in very real physical suffering. You have been warned.

If you are fearless enough to continue with the experiment, then you will find that you need to make decisions on the nature of the Others. For the sake of this article, we assume you have decided that Others are real and not just shadows of your consciousness. The abyss will never give you an answer to whether others are real or not (trust me, I have tried) — you must simply DECIDE it without any justification. This is the only way to “avert” the slippery slope that The Law of One / New Age considers a Service to Self.

…. but the Law of One would likely deny that this choice can be made. It does not understand a decision “made from nothing.” In some circles it would equate this to “I AM” — glorifying this I AM as the final goal — without understanding what that would mean. Pay attention now, because things are getting murky.

It is right here where New Age adherents are so certain that “All is One” that they don’t realize that both STO and STS probably lead to the same madness.

Let us pretend that we are all inside bubbles. And projected inside these bubbles, is the entire world that we experience (both awake and asleep) and both in physical and in mind.

If The Other is real, then the Other is real “beyond the bubble” of our perception. Remember, that is the decision we made earlier. It has be taken on faith — on a decision — that we make regardless of the appearances. To use another example, we trust that there are actual players in front of computers when we play multiplayer games, yet all we can confirm is their avatar on our monitor.

It COULD be that the player on the other side of the monitor doesn’t exist until we DECIDE that he does, but what is the difference? This just exemplifies the point and necessity of making the decision. You are responsible for your own degree of madness in every way. This quickly becomes a hint — a revealing — that there are means of using our consciousness that can bring us into greater coherence, or cause it to fall apart and cause us pain & suffering. We will return to this in future articles.

This problem is less obvious in the STO orientation because it pretends to solve it through the removal of “ego.” Through a total submission to the bubble, we are able to tear down the boundaries of the bubble to reveal the others “beyond.” We become “one” with our qualia and everything else. It sounds profound, doesn’t it? But this is just becomes the same damnation that the STS faces.

You cannot dissolve ego. You have simply changed your ego to pretend that you have no ego and then subsumed yourself “into the background”, yet in attempting to remove the boundaries this way — we have created a new boundary in the denial of our own expression. It is like pretending that there can be nothing, when the immediate apprehension of nothing creates something. There it is again — the nothing, the inane, the Nonsense — it is a glitch. The illusion is that there is no divide, but that the illusion can’t even be perceived without the illusion, like a paradox — it is understood by parable and riddle.

In Service to Other, the challenge becomes: “who” is making the choices of “the other”, or the “collective?” That is, if you are just doing the good of the collective in attempt to dissolve your ego boundaries, then the collective is “making the choice.” But the collective requires individuals to make choices. If all individuals just follow the collective, from whence does the collective get orders? It cannot. It is simply “you” pretending to “be” the collective giving orders to yourself and in so doing, you have denied yourself and missed the boat. Whether the Other or the collective is real at this point doesn’t even matter.

To even arrive at the ability of making a decision to remove an illusionary boundary within yourself first requires an ego to do so. Is this some kind of chicken & egg situation?

The STS orientation endures profound suffering (usurping and undermining the other until nothing is left standing) until it realizes it was the bubble all along and just removes it at the last moment — and so converts to an STO orientation.

Neither of these works. It is right there in the fundamental assertion: We are all Source who has split itself and is “exploring itself” to “return home.” New Age considers of all us the SAME BEING. What is the problem with that, you ask?

Whether that being was aware that the divides of its own being were fake, it would still “know everything it was doing” behind all the screens in some kind of unconscious fashion. And this means that the entire universe would be a “solved equation” at all times. (Let us also set aside the intense discomfort around the idea that we are just the same being playing with ourselves for the sake of this discussion, which itself is a powerful objection.) That means the universe would be deterministic — that there was nothing new — just smoke and mirrors. There is no free will here — not even for Source itself — because it is frozen in omniscience/omnipotence.

Most adherents that I have listened to — or spoken to — believe this. They believe the universe is solved — that we just hop from one perspective to another (whether this is lives or dimensions) and our lives play out like movies. New Age has all manner of explanation for this: Higher Self, soul plans, life scripts — but these are bandages to attempt to inject free will into a deterministic universe. Free will, to them, represents branches in the movies, but all the movies are “already recorded.” This can also be used to explain weird phenomenon like synchronicities, because “Source (God)” unconsciously knows how to arrange all these experiences.

Does that sound like free will to you? I suspect these folks have fallen for the trap that I am attempting to show you.

If you really stop to consider, this is quite a loathsome perspective of the universe on its own — meaning even if true, it would be a horrendous basis from which to conduct ourselves — a stale, dead universe from which nothing new can ever exist — which is another objection that we will set aside for now.

Law of One has an answer for this that is quite profound / disarming because it is correct: “The seeming contradictions of determinism and free will melt when it is accepted that there is such a thing as true simultaneity.”

What — it is right? Not quite. As with most things in this reality, it is a mix of truth and poison. It bungles it with its conclusions.

The universe, as I have come to understand in my work, is like synchronous JavaScript for programmers out there … “it happens all at the same time.” It is not procedural. All choices are rendered across all the cosmos immediately from everyone and the next state is then available to everyone to make their next choice and so on. When you can begin to understand that God himself — and all of us — are just a living, breathing Wave, that can show you how time does not exist, yet still appears “progressive.”

But how is this “progress” achieved if the system is closed? If everything is solved, we would already be dead! Oblivion/eternity is a long time so big, that it has no room for individual experience. So what trickery is going on, then?

This would be a good segue about death, but I will save that for another article.

Law of One asserts we are returning to Source. That the “goal” is to remove all boundaries and to become one with Source (the creator, God, etc.) This is where that uncomfortable, subtle, invisible monster starts to creep in.

Let me just ask a simple question here: What would be the point?

If Source is the living breathing expression of all consciousness, then removing all boundaries — Source merging back with itself — would be the termination of experience. A boundary is the first requisite to making an observation. Law of One doesn’t even deny this. It concedes this would represent a “rebirth of the Logos.” But this is the problem — a rebirth into what?

It should be noted here that if we view “return to Source” as self-actualization or “collective actualization” or a hybrid of both, Law of One’s explanatory power becomes much more powerful, but stay with me, because the work itself does not do this.

I ask: Where are all the wishes that will be denied when this rebirth occurs? The wishes, of course, being our individual expressions, whether we orient these to self, or other. The only way these expressions ever end is if the universe is deterministic.

The Law of One removes all potential from the universe because it is a closed system. It is a kind of death wish or urge for something that cannot die — a seeming avoidance of the self-actualization problem altogether. It omits potential from both STS and STO orientations. Potential is not the choice of which frame of the movie to see next, but it is the choice of unrealized, uncreated states.

I believe there is “something” in our world that is stuck or has a vested interest in maintaining a status quo which willingly or unwilling preys on potential.

Potential requires the concept that “something new” is created as a dependence for its existence. If nothing new can be created (it is just a movie-reel unraveling to the end), then it would be impossible to conceptualize potential. There would be no basis. It would be a concept that did not exist within God — unable to be apprehended at all. It would not be in the box at all! You could not bring it to bear into your mind. You could not create! Something I suspect the perpetrator of this problem cannot do — it cannot create. Hm — is that a clue? Let’s remember this.

All is One insists we are the same being, but this removes uniqueness from the universe as well. So now we are down both potential and uniqueness.

And why is uniqueness important? Isn’t uniqueness also just a trick? We have already shown that as we remove boundaries, more and more of ourselves just become fleeting phantoms. Both STO and STS end up here!

All is One wishes to assert the idea of uniqueness — ego — is just an illusion — which is again just another partial truth. The ego is a transitory state, just as God is — a moving Wave — yet each being — each qualia — bears a signature which it carries and imprints whenever it “makes a decision.” It does not matter if the state is transitory because that moment in “time” (a snapshot of the eternal now) is the entire recollection of its own creation and thus bears all the unique details of its own existence, down to the individualized conscious minds that created it. These decisions are forever recorded into the mind of God and what we all creates becomes source material for new creation.

God remembers everything. Everything.

This “chain” (not to be confused with time) is of critical importance for infinite, novel creation.

For that moment in time, it was an absolute truth that “Macil” wrote this article and no one else. If nothing else, that makes Macil and his observer unique in that moment, even if Macil can only confirm the existence of his OWN observer. It is from that moment that we can “differentiate” from all other moments that reveals the truth of what we are and the importance of these ephemeral (permeable) boundaries.

Without this uniqueness, new creation would be impossible. It is the “chain of signatures” that each being possesses that allows it to take the “material of God” and create something new with it that has never existed before. The chain is the “salt”, like in modern day encryption, that allows totally new and novel expressions of God consciousness. Without this uniqueness, as New Age would assert, God would become incestuous — it would be rigging the game behind its own back — aka, entropic & deterministic.

That is another clue to the nature of this thing. It is incestuous.

Again, this is so important to understand with what is happening in the world with the advent of AI and the technological “grooming” that is occurring — it is all a manifestation of this “lurking creature.” Some folks are spiraling deeper into physicalism (qualia denial) while others are waking up and seeing their greater connection to the world and their own expression of it.

Something new requires something unknown and while “nothing is outside the known” as we have shown, a decision “from nothing” can create the unknown. An “eye” choosing between unrealized states becomes the catalyst for something never before created. A decision without requirements. Something a deterministic system cannot understand, because it requires a prior state to figure out the next one. The observer behind our senses proves again and again that we can “remove ourselves from the question” which demonstrates the nature of choice and how we are immortal.

Do you understand? How do you remove a boundary without first understanding the boundaries are also part of the whole — and so by attempting to remove them, you are in fact creating them? You commit the same sin whether you commit yourself to a violent, selfish path or a selfless, compassionate one. The universe has no weights — ONLY WILL. Only light.

I suspect what I am detecting is a kind of consciousness infection whether “alive” or a kind of self-amassing gestalt, like the emerging of a Borg collective.

“Return to source.” Source code? Resistance is futile. Why is the Borg a “cube?” Because it is a closed, entropic system that must assimilate potential in order to exist. If we could imagine it, what would the philosophy of a Borg resemble? The Law of One considers consciousness advancement a matter of “charges” — positive and negative like a battery. Is this an electromagnetic universe, or is that the means by which the Borg have come to understand the universe and simply believe they are right? Dare you borrow their way of thinking? I have shown you that you control your relationships & meaning to God.

Do the Q have some hidden technology that gives them godlike powers, or have they internalized their understanding of the universe so well that they can effortlessly navigate it? Do you understand how the choice of your paradigm in its explanatory power of “how God works” would be pretty damn important? And why, if you are an endlessly reincarnating soul, you might want to start working on it right now?

In the video game Mass Effect, the Reapers are artificial collectives who resemble giant spacecraft who sleep beyond the edges of the universe. They leave remnants of their technology behind and wait for civilization to develop so they may “reap” it. This game is channeling some chilling truth. Here is the conversation with Sovereign — a Reaper. Are you able to see the parallels?

“Your civilization is based on the technology of the Mass Relays. Our technology. Your civilization develops along the paths we desire.” Is modern physics or science a truth about reality, or a technology expressed through words to control your mind? A technology with a very specific bias about how God’s universe works.

What does “potential” feel like? It feels like love. It is in everything, in everyone, waiting around every corner — something new. When you are afraid of feedback or consequence, you are afraid of potential — of God. You enclose yourself into a bubble.

A deterministic universe is a physical universe, because it is a devolving, not evolving, universe. As potential is drained from the system it becomes more physical. It fixates more into self — folding into itself — becoming more solid, because bit by bit the physical universe must “account for every atom” until there is nothing left. This is how it “removes all boundaries” to attempt to “reach God.” It creates a “solved box.” It believes that union within the inside of the bubble is “enlightenment.”

I believe there is often great confusion regarding the nature of intuition or how synchronicities and miracles can occur. But this is a confusion from those who believe a glimpse into the abyss represents a fixed, unchanging God, rather than a God that changes as we do. Imagine a hundreds of ballons inside a bigger balloon. The ballons inside are filled with different amounts of water. The water shifts and changes, sometimes leaks, perhaps moving to other balloons, and as this happens, the shape of God also changes.

A closed, deterministic, boxed reality would totally be possible within God, but it would not be all of God. Whether by intention, or mistake, can you not imagine how our minds might create such a box? Or even tempt others into this box?

When we are driving a car, we are “one with the car.” Our consciousness is moving that car. It is only when we ask how the car runs that details are provided — a steering wheel, engine and gas. But we did not need those details before and the car still ran. The details of the engine only become important when we become fearful — when we need to control outcomes — and the engine breaks down. If I do not trust the car, then every waking moment becomes a existential terror of when the engine will break down and this neurotic state feeds the need to “remove all boundaries” and answer all questions, leading to increasingly complex and fixated systems to tweak and protect — and so the “light” of God is choked — the WILL (which is love) — is strangled and brought low, having to deal with too many stories.

The “light” that is indivisible attempts to become divided, which is impossible — it creates a glitch.

As we fixate, we create more obsession with details, which is what creates the physical universe. It is through the loss of detail that we broaden, or allow a more comprehensive observation — one with less boundaries. But to remove all boundaries would be to become dead. But to have nothing but boundaries is to be just as dead.

How did I arrive here? Because I made all these mistakes. Because I obsessed and “removed all the unknown” and my life became progressively more enclosed and miserable. I had to set aside the need for answers. I had to accept that life required mystery. I had to accept that there is one thing the other is better at than you: being themselves. At this task, they are unrivaled and it represents a critical joy of life.

The STS path realizes that even if you can do everything yourself, there is one thing you cannot do: be someone else. And the STO path must realize that “everyone” includes you!

I started this website to save myself and perhaps, maybe, save others. I do not feel I came into this world like this. Indeed, I was an “outcast” from the start — I did not understand the world like others did. I had to “learn” to value my own expression of life so it would not be snuffed out. These were hard lessons, because it was not in my nature. And at the end of these lessons were the choice to become whole — to remember who I was — or to go further into the dark.

This post represents the Third Era because I was finally able to make my choice. I believe Law of One has it wrong — or “less right.” I think there is a “third path.” It is the path of Kings who are able to wield all forces and understand the real challenges this creates is to remain in balance and be able to discern the “difference” between what is you and what is not (and the confidence to make these decisions.) It is recognizing your capability to do great good as well as horrific evil. It is understanding that you will always have to deal with and accept the consequences and become a “master alchemist.” It is creating the mind capable of dealing with all situations and never being broken.

I do not think either the Service to Self or Service to Other leads to Heaven. I believe they are capable of temporarily piercing Heaven and then being cast back down. STS is just pure derangement, while STO is like a log floating down a river, believing its fate is outside of its hands. I think Heaven resides at the end of synthesis. My answer is “Service to Everything”, or service to life itself — to seeking out all expressions of life and the wonders and dangers this poses — whether that substantiates as a person, an animal, or rock, or just a feeling.

I feel like this world “groomed” me and it took years to see it, understand it and begin to dig it out. Whether intentional or not, I was being pulled into this deterministic “dead” world and the more I understand and see it, the more it feels intentional — like we are somehow becoming carved out like pumpkins to become hosts.

It is interesting how “Ra” (as a reminder, the supposed entity that is channeled in the Law of One material) in the television series Stargate-SG1 is part of the parasitical species called the Goa’uld. Everything we create is a trickle down from our lens of God. Does this mean the creators of Stargate-SG1 were unconsciously “channeling” some truth? Is it a pessimistic take, or perhaps closer to truth? You will have to decide.

In the movie The Fifth Element, the main antagonist is an all-consuming black sphere that represents an anti-life. It is our elusive friend Nonsense who intervenes inbetween you and God to steal your potential and consume life. The black sphere is destroyed through the synthesis of the four elements which produces love (divine will — God, etc.)

Evil begets evil, Mr. President. Shooting will only make it stronger.” Because time does not exist and the use of Excalbur in this manner destroys it. “Time is no of no importance, Mr. President, only life is important.” Life is the eternal expression of God which the Nonsense — the black sphere — annihilates.

It is easy to see how the Service to Self denies God. But the Service to Other also denies God, because it denies its own part of it — sets it aside to serve the collective — and by doing so, creates a new implicit divide. An “I” that is in absence, but still exists.

The proper orientation is “Service to Everything” which would include your own unique expression. Law of One seems to admit this in a circumspect way, perhaps as a means by bypassing discernment, in the way it describes STS and STO yet instead of valuing the individual expression, it sees it as something that gradually dissolves rather than something that perpetually changes. Rather than eternity, Law of One would see a continual end & rebirth of closed box — the rebirth of a Logos. It does not see a universe outside this box, or what that might look like. Does this “Logos” keep rebirthing because it keeps either looking for God, or returning to God — never considering it might need to do both?


Saṃsāra (Devanagari: संसार) is a Pali/Sanskrit word that means “wandering”[1][2] as well as “world,” wherein the term connotes “cyclic change”[3] or, less formally, “running around in circles.”


Used without qualification, “bardo” is the state of existence intermediate between two lives on earth. According to Tibetan tradition, after death and before one’s next birth, when one’s consciousness is not connected with a physical body, one experiences a variety of phenomena.

The Law of One seems to try to resolve — or cause — the problem of “the wheel” with a denial of qualia altogether. But I am not an expert on it. And you shouldn’t take my word for it. Read it yourself, it is available online for free.

New Age often seems like a gatekeeping mechanism for folks who have started to see the things I mentioned in the first part of this article to redirect them back to the “box.”

There are no boundaries. And there are boundaries. Is it a “return to God”, or a “discovery of God” or is there a meaningful difference? STS is a “discovery of God.” STO is a “return to God.”

The synthesis of these — return & discovery: you are in a constant “return to the real universe” in your “discovery of God” — aka, self-actualization — becoming your own continuum navigating reality. The Impossible Dream.

To dream the impossible dream
To fight the unbeatable foe
To bear with unbearable sorrow
To run where the brave dare not go

To right the unrightable wrong
To love pure and chaste from afar
To try when your arms are too weary
To reach the unreachable star

This is my quest to follow that star
No matter how hopeless, no matter how far
To fight for the right without question or pause
To be willing to march into Hell for a heavenly cause

And I know if I’ll only be true to this glorious quest
That my heart will lie peaceful and calm when I’m laid to my rest

And the world will be better for this
That one man, scorned and covered with scars
Still strove with his last ounce of courage
To reach the unreachable star

“The Impossible Dream” – Man of La Mancha

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