What is evil?

Evil is in the word itself — inverted life. Anti-life. Evil is what I call “Nonsense” because this is what evil produces — nonsense, the inane/insane, chaos, anti-creation.

Evil is not destruction. Evil is not death. Evil is not “negative” — like wrath, or envy. Evil is not the opposite of good, or the opposite of positive.

Evil is that which breaks down the coherence of consciousness. It produces patterns that displace or remove the ability of life to exist. It is a kind of glitch produced by attempting to create an impossible state, or the confluence of states that are incompatible — thus creating a space for evil.

It is not easy to point and say: “That is evil.” Evil requires skillful discernment, but when one begins to comprehend the basic requirements of life, it becomes easier to identify the things which cause life to suffocate.

Stagnation is often an indication of evil, for example. Excess is also often a hiding place of evil.

If I had to summarize evil, it is the abdication of will. When one steps off their throne, evil sits on it. This is a spectrum and not a binary. You can “partially” abdicate.

Come get some.

But let us be clear: evil has no agency. Evil is anti-agency. Evil does not think, or plan, or strategize. It does not experience. Experience happens *to it.* Evil victimizes itself. It is how you “try” to experience pretending you do not have free will, but this creates an impossible state which creates “glitches” which you experience as a breakdown of reality.

As soon as you begin to see enemies or adversaries, you are disowning your will so that you may experience these challenges and opposition. If you blame, judge or ridicule others, you have fallen off your throne and allowing evil to play — and evil will always create chaos.

Evil is not capable of creation because creation requires the presence of you — of your will — on the throne. It can, however, pillage your library (your experience, your memories, your hopes & dreams) and become a kind of doppelganger. Undead.

People who act as obstacles in your life are always examples of your own evil coming out to play and being reflected back to you, whether it is because of inadequacy, or because you unconsciously think you deserve punishment (“karma.”) You cannot escape your own verisimilitude without doing the work to unravel it. This is not being done to you, but rather a byproduct of your own choices.

Since the Earth realm is constructed with a kind of “buffer”, evil has a lot of places to hide. Evil often manifests as unlikely obstacles in your life, random chaos, or sudden bad turn arounds. It can easily be represented by people turning on you out of the blue, or unfortunate events. It can manifest in your body, depending on the stories you are selling yourself.

A reminder that nothing is physical. There is no physical realm. Your waking state stabilizes the human collective as a place you think is Earth and it is upon Earth where you project your inner play.

Evil is not the work of spirits, or devils, but the incoherence in your own consciousness. Evil represents a flaw in your paradigm where your will is not executing right — where “energy” (the pace or thrust of the story) is becoming stagnant, or blocked, resulting in repeating and decaying patterns. Bad story that results in victimizing yourself. Loss of ownership.

Earth exists in what I might call fundamental reality. Fundamental reality is a step above abject chaos. It is held together by our fledgling consciousness which have established orders and patterns which impose a consistent lucidity upon the chaos of creation. These create confluences which you might call “planets” or realms which the collective has agreed — in a unconscious/non-awakened fashion — to share and uphold.

Fundamental reality is inherently a kind of mirror reality, because you are always writing stories at the “apex” of your ability. That is, all the things and all the people that appear there are perfectly fulfilling your expectations (even the ones you hide from yourself because you don’t want to look at them). Because of this, Earth would be considered a kind of lower realm, because it is heavily subject to the flaws of imperfect consciousness rather than operating from a more established universal paradigm (aka “heaven.”)

To be clear, because this will confuse most people — “The Other” is not exempt from this process. Most of us have a strong belief that The Other has independent agency, but that is just a story you value and thus impart to the actors in your story to make it more believable for yourself.

If you believe people are boring, they will be boring. If someone makes you angry, it is because you are writing a story to get yourself to experience anger. If you want to experience love, you need to write a story that allows you experience it. If you have people that attack you, it is because you are seeing enemies or fear for your safety.

The further you awaken, the harder it will be to ignore that The Other is somehow “part of you” as they will have an eerie habit of perfectly reflecting whatever is on your mind or what is going on in your life. If you wish to achieve a higher degree of unity with your qualia, you will have to learn to integrate with The Other in harmonious ways.

Note, this is a strong reminder that free will cannot be violated. Removing agency simply creates puppets in your own realm. Not recommended. Your intent should be to understand why it is important for the Other to retain agency and “be.”

The Peter principle is a concept in management developed by Laurence J. Peter which observes that people in a hierarchy tend to rise to “a level of respective incompetence”


Reality is not hierarchical, but we impose hierarchy upon it in order to create a stable experience for ourselves to grow and create a more stable consciousness. In other words, some people are smarter, some are stupid, some are middling. There are “more good people” and “less good people.” We create spectrums in order to play. The broader we are, the broader the spectrum, the broader the challenges and the more dire the need becomes to have a better personal paradigm. You may find a critical need to narrow your spectrum to protect your sanity.

If everything was equal, there would be no diversity. No life. Void. So “sameness” is an example of evil when taken to extreme, or an anti-life pattern. Similarly, too much diversity creates raw chaos.

You must understand you are the absolute master of the universe. You are just a master of a small, limited universe, because that is the best you have achieved. But you can take comfort in this, because this also means there is nothing “better” than you — other than God — because of that same “Peter” principle.

You are also responsible for creating a cogent paradigm that creates the experience you desire and this especially includes how you value others and their role in the fundamental fabric of reality.

We will talk about spirits, guides and “higher beings” in future articles, but I will leave with this warning: be careful who you allow to backdoor your will. Do not submit to “terrorism.”

Any prison you create for yourself can be undone, because you already have the key. Any boss can be fired. There is no being that can simply swoop in and abduct you out of your realm, unless you surrender your authority to such a concept. There are no angels or devils that can mislead you, other than your willingness to be mislead or to disown your choices.

Remind me to write an article on deception, because deception is also something we create for ourselves. It is exhausting, isn’t it?

Evil can be considered like a “layer” on top of you, or another. Some might try to conflate it with ego, but this is misleading. The more one has disowned themselves into the “physical” world, the more evil they are likely to possess and will act in greater and greater abdication. Materialism is the leading cause of “Pilot Error.”

Without this evil, you would find the “MVG” — what I call the Minimum Viable God — the wizard behind the curtain. It is your true self who only acts when they are firmly situated on their throne.

When you can reliably identify evil, you can read people like books, because you can see everywhere they have hidden away their will. Identify someone’s altars — their masters — and you can see all the strings which they puppet themselves. You can see everyone’s prison. The true self reveals itself when it “has no masters” — when it is free. It feels like love.

Ex Inanis is about creating a structure for the “ego” such that we can remain in a non-stop flow state by having checks & balances that catch and destroy evil as an almost automated process.

Evil is often expressed through parasitism or vampirism, which is rampant in the human collective.

To understand vamprism, though, we need to understand more about what I call the Minimum Viable God (MVG) — or True Self — Christ Consciousness — Synthesis — and my Lighthouse example, which is the next article.

Until next time.

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