MVG & Lighthouse: How does vampirism work?

Be sure to read the prior article: What is evil? since I posted both of these at the same time.

This post is considered highly primordial and is being placed in a special “experimental” category. It is still in development. As always, use your discernment and never victimize yourself.

To understand vampirism, there are quite a few mechanics of this world that one must understand. I will attempt to give a high level overview here, but don’t expect to understand this all at once. Again, as I spoke about when I started this blog — the blog is meant to be taken as a whole. If a piece gives you an ‘aha’, then that is great — but the understandings I am putting out here are incomplete in themselves.

First of all, vampires do not understand they are vampires. As we talked about in the prior article, Nonsense has no agency. Those who are indulging in vampirism have no agency but are more “possessed of Nonsense.” There is a reason the vampire is “undead” — because it has no life. It is false life. An abdication of the throne — an ejection of God. They are letting the natural energy of the cosmos run wild in their realm but have a basic structure of “ego” that allows it some kind of animation or structure that is deceptive.

The natural state of a soul is unconditional love, because that is the “root of God.” Then there are “layers on top” that allow life to be expressed. Some of these layers produce Nonsense, or anti-life — these are patterns we talked about in the prior article. These prevent souls from using their agency.

One must have a basic understanding of the idea of the True Self, or what I call MVG — or what others might call Nirvana, Christ Consciousness, Enlightenment and so on …

You are the observer behind it all, making Decisions. It seems like this should be a simple concept to convey, but physical reality makes this impossibly hard to teach people.

It is a little easier if you can accept the whole world and your physical experience is coming from you. I call this Unity. It is not outside of you. This will ease your understanding a little that you are like a person sitting behind a computer, watching a kind of interactive movie play out.

Even if you can grasp this concept, your inclination will likely to believe that The Other is “separate” from you or has no influence upon you if they are not within your actual physical presence. I have learned the hard way …

This is not true in the slightest.

In fact, you are arguing with and making decisions with other people constantly non-stop. And their lives are impacting you not just in your head, but in your physical life and health (yes, your physical body — deny it at your own peril), as well.

There is a layer of reality that is hidden from you because your awareness is insufficient to comprehend it. But if you work at it, you can grasp this layer as a human. You can acknowledge this layer and begin to learn how to navigate “blinded.”

What confuses you is that you think “other people” would argue with you with thoughts, or words, right? But no, they are working with or arguing with you through energetic exchange which takes place behind the appearance of the physical world. You effortlessly comprehend this exchange (you detect it as emotions, feelings, and thought), but your awareness has been stunted into thinking this exchange is something that it is not.

When you are weighing or deliberating in your daily life, you are conversing with … everyone. The closer you view the connection, the more powerful the influence. Time & distance does not matter. An ex-lover or childhood friend can both have a powerful influence even if you haven’t talked to them in ages. What matters is the boundaries, stories and importance you are holding for this person.

And you are making decisions based on this energetic-translated-into-language-exchange on how to manage your own realm. Your realm, or that which produces your physical, visceral, lucid experience of life — is contained in what I call the WAVE — I also call it the WELL or the POOL.

The Wave contains all the stories that are moving towards forever resolution. What most people do not understand is that this Wave also includes PEOPLE.

That’s right. Your Wave is mingling with other Waves, most likely without any protection whatsoever. I know, gross, right? Trust me, I do not approve of this situation — but it has been deduced from years of introspection, reflection and cross-referencing with real world experience & dreams.

Your energy is killing, screwing, partying and god knows what else behind your back, because energy in itself has no agency. Your dreams are clues on what your energy — your spirit — is doing when you release the reigns. It requires training, like a child. This training is done by you through your Decisions and through what you keep in your WAVE.

The longer something is kept in the Wave, the deeper it settles down — deep down — until it becomes part of what I call the MVG — or the “Minimum Viable God.” These are deep aspects of the soul that transcend all experience and stay with you.

So, this process that occurs in the background — this exchange of energy where alliances are made and broken — is what is “coming” to you. It is hidden or protected by the “buffer” of reality that keeps it out of your sight. But as the Buffer resolves (moves forward), the exchanges that take place in the WAVE start to manifest in your life.

Again, this exchange is energetic. As you juggle your feelings throughout your day, you are essentially conducting a kind of spiritual warfare with how to determine your own reality. Warfare is harsh but true — and the enlightened soul strives to end this warfare by finding the right modalities to reduce suffering and ensure the integrity of everyone’s kingdoms. But this reality will eat you if you refuse to pick up the sword.

I equate this exchange to the MATCHMAKER found in video games because that’s what it does. It MATCHES you to compatible storylines (some people use the word timelines.) I will talk more about the MATCHMAKER in the future, but I want to focus on vampirism in this article.

So where does VAMPIRISM come in? Vampirism isn’t real, right?

In the strictest sense, vampirism isn’t real. But in the practical sense — the sense of how it viscerally impacts the reality we are forced to deal with — it is ultra real, because our limitations allow us to injure ourselves and others derive a kind of sustenance from this in a bizzaro self-deluded kind of way that hurts both parties. Informatively, we may as well consider vampirism real, because the impact is has is real and solutions to it are the same either way.

Let me see if I can explain this.

What is critical to understand is that the vampire is at a LOWER LEVEL of consciousness. It does not understand what it is doing. It has has such a high investment in the material world, that it will go to great lengths to make sacrifices to this world and reap rewards from it — including other people.

The vampire does not sacrifice other people with intent, because intent is reserved for those who have agency. Rather, it does so because it thinks it “has no choice.” The vampire derives pleasure or energy from the suffering of others, although it will not admit this. In fact, the vampire will vehemently deny that it is causing suffering or that it derives its own source of energy from this.

Similarly, the vampire worships the material altar, because it believes this is where it derives its energy — aka, consumption — excess experience — sex, drugs are low-hanging fruit, but anything can become a material excess and thus become a place where GOD is ejected.

If you confront a VAMPIRE, it will respond with pure ego. That is easy enough to understand. You will receive defensiveness, bile, narcissism, gaslighting — anything to avoid having to look at itself. A vampire is an expert at making you doubt yourself because the vampire is the literal embodiment of the doubt of self. You are looking at something that has no self or a poor sense of self.

In this context, what is “energy?” Energy is simply the ability of the vampire to execute its will. It believes it must SERVE this altar in order to use its will, even though it does not see itself as a servant.

Will is endless, as it is a gift from God. God has infinite power to give us and it is always available. It is our own stories that stifle, choke, or hide this energy.

VAMPIRISM occurs when we write a story where we believe we must derive energy from a source other than God (or ourselves.)

Unconditional love — an expression of God — is where all will is derived. We can express this power to other people, but not all people are prepared to receive it. Some people cower from this expression because it reveals flaws in themselves. It is like putting a mirror in front of them. And why do vampires not show up in mirrors? Because they refuse to see themselves.

When this refusal to see themselves occurs, they abdicate their throne — they disown their will — they eject God. They run towards whatever vice or altar they believe they need to reclaim their power and reclaim control of their life, because they live in a constant denial of God — of their own will — of anyone who possess such will. It frightens them and they flee from it. Again, a vampire cannot stand the light.

It seems like vampires should be easy to avoid, right? But those of us with an excess of compassion and tolerance are easy prey for vampires because we have poorly developed boundaries and we find it difficult to say no. We want to help. It physically pains us when we have to deny love because it is not our natural state. But a vampire will not understand your sympathy or compassion because it is incapable of doing so. It is operating at a lower state of consciousness — not because it is malicious.

We may even have righteous reasons — we may believe we are helping, or attempting to cure the vampire. But the vampire does not care, not because it is malicious — but because it simply has no awareness of what it is doing. To become angry with a vampire is like becoming angry with the sun rising.

To fall victim to a vampire is when we offer unconditional love and have a poor sense of our own self. If the vampire is not prepared to receive this love, then a twisted sort of connection can start to form between people who are both “lost in each other and themselves.”

In some circles, this can be called a CORD, but there is no real CORD because this would be a free will violation (an absolutes are absolutes for a reason). Rather, I will use a lighthouse as a shoddy example … Apologies, I am terrible at this.

Imagine your soul is like a lighthouse. You can open and shut windows within the tower and light comes in. You can also shine light “outwards” from the top of the tower. The tower itself represents the boundaries — or lack thereof — you have within yourself to the “greater cosmos.”

When you meet a new friend, or a lover, you install a new window in your lighthouse so that you may exchange light — to allow light in. The light comes in and settles into the ocean — the WAVE — around you — and your physical reality “updates.” You can call this a CORD but there is no actual CORD.

Now, remember when we talked about MATCHMAKING? About how you are in a constant energetic exchange with other people? As you go about your daily business in your lighthouse, you are picking and choosing where to shine the light of your tower. And every window that is open within your tower is giving you suggestions.

Now imagine everyone is also in a lighthouse like yours, choosing where to shine light. By the way, you are making exchanges with people you have never even met “in the physical.” Yep. How else do you think that you meet anyone? An agreement is made far in advance of when they appear as a kind of energetic magnetism.

These suggestions, of course, come both from yourself — but also from the lights of other people. But this does not have to happen in the physical realm. You do not need to have any verbal, or physical exchange — not a phone, or email, or anything with someone to be getting these suggestions. They are coming right through your open windows.

Now — if you are unaware that this is how reality works, then you may imagine what kind of damage we can do to each other through these energetic suggestions. We are all guilty of this. Every last one of us. You will believe these suggestions are your own.

So, now imagine that you are oblivious that the light coming into your tower is not yours and one of these lights scares you, or argues with you, or otherwise makes you second-guess yourself. You may feel the need to entertain these suggestions or resolve them somehow, so you direct your lighthouse towards the origin of the suggestions because you want to know more.

Every time you do this, you are dumping energy into your own WAVE. Again, the Lighthouse is in the middle of a vast ocean which is YOU. And the light is creating energy without end wherever you direct it. This ocean — this WAVE — is what creates your physical experience.

So, in your mind, you are telling yourself — this place where I have put my light is important and is a source of energy for me. Keep in mind, without the proper awareness, you are probably doing this without realizing you may be arguing with a friend, a family member, an ex-lover — whatever. Without ever speaking to them in your waking reality.

But that is exactly what is happening, because that is how reality is stitched together. This hidden exchange is how you determine what will appear in your reality. In effect, this is similar to law of attraction or “thoughts create reality” because it is far more true than you can imagine. I will talk more about this when I write about the matchmaker.

The issue is your disbelief that THE OTHER is impacting your realm in this fashion, but they are and they do — and your belief is not required. The less you believe, the less boundaries you will erect and this is where vampires thrive.

A highly evolved vampires is one who understand these mechanics in a kind of unconscious manner, like an animal with instincts. And they know how to create “trauma bonds” that allow them to feed on Others, even if they will deny it. They simply see it as the way of things.

This knowledge is probably passed on also through trauma — so do not fall in the trap of hating or judging the vampire who is just another human that is suffering and is acting out what is has learned. You must rise above. Vampires must cure themselves. I will not talk about how I believe these trauma bonds may be created because it is too unseemly for this blog, but when you understand that consciousness creates reality — then when is consciousness the most vulnerable?

They can use these bonds to try to ensure financial success or well-being by pairing their offspring with a victim. In this case, the best victims are loving people with poor grasp of boundaries.

A determined vampire will “argue” with you from any distance because they are inherently obsessive creatures. This need not be a malicious obsession, although it could be. It could be a loving obsession, or it could be a childlike obsession. It could be a competitive obsession. Anything.

What do they say? A vampire must knock. And it does. They cannot come in without you answering. But you are likely answering all the time because you do not understand that this vampirism is not occurring in the physical realm but in the MATCHMAKER — the energetic realm. A loving nature is like a beacon to vampires because a vampire is inherently looking for God’s love to reclaim its own will.

But a vampire doesn’t “look” so much as it is drawn to you, like a moth to a flame. It does not have control over itself. It is desperately looking for how to come back to God through you when you express unconditional love — but it cannot find God by devouring you — it must find it within.

Be careful of vampiric suggestions both in the physical and the energetic — your dreams — your own mind — because they will argue with you like Nonsense does. They are doppelgangers and you will leverage your own weaknesses against yourself. Vampires are charming not because they actually possess this skill, but because you know yourself better than anyone and all it requires for a vampire to bypass your defenses is an energetic suggestion you take as your own. You write your own horror story. You buy your own bullshit and open the door. It doesn’t need to know anything about you. You can identify these suggestions because they inherently animalistic (lack agency — they have no intent or love behind them.)

Most vampires have no idea they are vampires. They are just broken people who rely too much on the material world and covet sources of light — OTHERS — that are not their own. They do not understand these sources of light are not theirs and so if they are removed or disturbed, they become almost carnivorous because their lives begin to topple around them because they have constructed a kind of house of cards around a source of power that was never theirs.

The greater problem, though, is this: when you, reader who is not a vampire, lack the awareness of what is happening, you can “recreate” the vampire’s lifestyle in your own life and thus become even greater victims of the vampire. This is how vampires “turn” others.

When you are going about your business in your lighthouse, you can “detect” how someone else is living their life — but again, without this awareness — you will assume it is something that is YOURS.

If someone eats poorly, has lots of vices like sex or drugs, and you do not have the right boundaries you can “feel” this energy leaking into your tower. It will not make you do these things — unless you choose to — but you may be in a constant state of warfare, wondering where these energies/suggestions are coming from. You may be so worn down by the fight that you do engage in these things as a way of relief and then you are in the process of turning into a vampire yourself.

You may actually pick it up as an urge for sex, an urge to eat bad food, or even symptoms in your body. You may experience it as fatigue, a lack of energy or drive. Even if you resist these energies, the resistance itself can cause problems because you are not actually putting up boundaries — you are just “arguing” with the energy and basically giving it power.

The vampire, in turn, senses this struggle (which appears as unconditional love, because that is what you mistakenly directing at it) and derives pleasure from it. It sees it as a source of food — a source of where to reclaim its will. It is making the same mistake as you are — it is mistaking YOUR light for its own.

When you make this realization and put up boundaries, the vampire will lose its mind because it can no longer control its life — it had a fake story that relied upon your light to be able to utilize its own will. Before the light is removed, it does not comprehend how it was relying on your attention (your lighthouse’s light.) But when the light leaves — perhaps a forgiving, patient, loving voice now absent from a mind mired in materialism and ego — it is left in the dark of itself and sees YOU as the problem for leaving.

The vampire feels the energetic absence when you create a boundary and its world comes crushing down upon it, because it lacks the paradigm/infrastructure to God to support itself and so falls into chaos/disharmony.

Note — strongly — I am focusing on the negative spectrum here, but you are also in positive relationships that provide suggestions of support, comfort, love. Those are the ones you should empower, as it will bring more of those things into your life. Those are agreements you are making right now with other people and situations. Be willing to receive these.

You will be tempted to blame the vampire for your problems once this revelation is made, but this is pointless. You cannot violate free will. The vampire did not make you do anything. It is 100% your fault. You simply opened the door and then “bought” the story that the vampire was suggesting, like a bad salesman. All you need to do is … close the door. And retain your awareness in the future so that you do not abdicate your throne.

Your problems will not disappear overnight. You must reinvest your will into the things you want and stop engaging with the vampire. The WAVE is still subject to the buffer / time and it must be “cleansed.” This is a natural process because you will always re-align to “God” when the poison is removed.

There is no actual “cord” to cut as is popular in some circles — but rather, you must recognize that a kind of “stage play” is being done in your realm and it is up to you whether to buy into it. The vampire does not have the agency to recognize this and will act like an animal — unlike you, enlightened reader. Right?

Close the door on your vampires and move on with your life. That is how you starve them out. There is a chance once this is done they will show up in your life not long after — but having this apprehension may protect you from them finding you in the physical world. Do not dwell on them. Consider them like a forgotten dream.

It is fascinating how accurate vampire lore is to how real world mechanics (may) work. (Ex Inanis is after all a work in progress.)

Reminder, fellow Exanians … always cultivate. Focus your efforts inwardly. Never pillage. Never force the external world. Never rely on the external for your well-being.

That is enough for now.

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