Messages from God

God – Cosmos, Source, Paradox – whatever word you wish to use … We will use God for the remainder of the article. You do not necessarily need to personify God in this context. God can simply be “everything that is or could be.“ God can be “creation.” God could be the “whole you.” Or, if you prefer, God can be a loving parent ; whatever definition seems to resonate with you.

The concept of God is seminal, or primal and you understand what I mean even if your “contextual” self wants to argue.

God speaks to you through the portrayal of your life – of the entire universe. God is always speaking to you. God is a chatterbox! Because God is synonymous with love and love is the foundation of all creation. Love is always coming back to get you – when you run, you just hurt yourself, like a child out of control. God is there to pick you up and set you back straight, even when you think otherwise.

It isn’t enough to know this on an intellectual level. You can pretend to know that the universe is born from within – that it is a emanation of consciousness, whether from yourself, or from God’s hands. It doesn’t matter. As a human, you will never answer these questions any deeper. If you attempt to do so, you will find the answers you receive to be recursive and bottomless. I know – I tried.

The questions themselves are sufficient knowledge. That is why we have concepts like belief and faith and why these concepts are often so treasured. It can be easy to disregard them or associate them with fanaticism or perhaps naivety, but this is a terrible mistake. They are fundamental to operating – as a new friend of mine told me – “an optimal level.”

Comprehending God cannot be done in a purely intellectual way. This does nothing for your belief and belief is fundamental to operating your life. A belief is forged, like a sword. It requires a action, a commitment and some pressure. God doesn’t want this to be a painful process – a sword feels no pain as it is hammered or thrust into the furnace.

You are here to be forged by God. Or if this is too much, you are here to provide experience to God. Again, I told you, you do not need to personify God. You can just as easily believe God is you and the outcome is the same. The wisdom hasn’t changed at all.

When you do not trust God, or reject God, is when the process becomes painful. Suffering is born from this rejection or denial, because it is a denial of your own creation. It is a “Nonsense” ; an impossible state ; a twisting / tension of reality.

Today, I was wrestling with whether to go to the gym or not. I was in pain and wasn’t sure if this would make it worse. But I said “fuck it.” There is great power in fuck it, but I will talk about that another time.

I ran for a little while on the treadmill. I weighed whether I wanted to use the hot tub and for a moment almost decided I would just go home – but said fuck it again.

When I got to the tub, it had quite a few people – and I have been going through such transformation in the last few months, it is a victory just to have gotten as far as getting a pair of swim trunks and approaching that tub. But I said fuck it again and got in.

Then the most unbelievable thing happened.

An older gentlemen struck up a conversation with me and it was such a deep, profound conversation that I knew this was not some normal run of the mill encounter. We talked about Christ, God, compassion, the Secret, manifestation ; I am not sure what we didn’t talk about!

I include this story today because it almost didn’t happen. I could have stayed home and did nothing ; perhaps taken some pain pills. But I know where the path leads

I know that on some level the syncroncities that have been happening are because I decided to stop being complacent and listen to “God” who was telling me to “get busy living or get busy dying!“

Listen: God talks to you through other people. No matter what you are doing, God is talking. When you are drawn to watch something, or listen to someone, or talk to someone … pay attention. Don’t be unconscious about it.

When someone is complaining about something, or is inspired by something, or whatever it is – you need to listen. It can be a movie, a YouTube video, a song … ANYTHING! Especially when it comes to people. Don’t just disregard it as them talking about “their” life. They are talking about YOUR life too, you just need to LISTEN.

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