Foundations & Complacency

Our thoughts arise from within us, like air bubbling to the surface of water. The thoughts are not “us”, yet they do point to the source of that “air” that is us.

That air comes from our foundation. The thoughts are more like mangled remnants by the time they reach us, though ; almost useless. Thoughts try to describe truths that our minds cannot hold all at once. They are “pointers” to much larger blocks. As humans, we have to deal with abstracts and faith to make use of these thoughts.

We shouldn’t assign any meaning to thoughts that we don’t desire. We recognize they are “ours” – or at least that they are there if you wish to remain more open to their source – but they are “out of service” or not informative. Meaning construction is an important concept I need to write about and it isn’t restricted to thoughts.

I’ve been hearing this term “mental diet” and it is a good one. I need to read a whole lot more Goddard, because he has great subtle ways of perspective that are transformative.

Our efforts should be focused on changing this foundation so that the thoughts that bubble up are the thoughts that we want, rather than battling thoughts that do not serve us. We want to ask ourselves to be supportive and encouraging, not afraid or doubting. The diet should feed itself, in other words.

Imagine thoughts that don’t question, or doubt, or plan. They don’t worry how long something will take or what issues you are dealing with. They just tell you: “You got this! Go for it!” We want to eliminate “buts” and “shoulds” in a way that aligns with heart/body/mind. We do NOT want to create willful ignorance, apathy, or denial.

We want to address the root of the environment – not be on cleanup duty at all times, or “eating” all the time. Consumption of any kind is a warning that we are lopsided towards complacency. We have to do these things, because that’s where we are in our development, but we can recognize this is not the “ideal.” I think we are all tired of this janitor duty.

I emphasize the warning of becoming complacent simply because you master aspects of this process. If you are not reinvesting into “the work”, it will fade just as surely as anything else does. If you are a true adept of this work, are you prepared to live a life of luxury and trust that you would not be consumed by it? We can and should cultivate our environment as much as possible to this work, but that does not always mean fulfilling every desire.

This blog is a commitment to the work, because I got tired of falling off the wagon and re-learning shit over and over. I am learning to distinguish true desires from wasteful consumption or distraction.

Each of our Waves is different. Each Wave has its own challenges and own ‘shadow elements.’ The “mental diet” is the beginning, but we must still do the work. It is a process. A persistence.

We can “unpackage” thoughts by sitting with them and digging at them. This is how we do the inner-work – we attempt to create a holistic verisimilitude of “self” that we want.

It is the contention of Ex Inanis that this “self” over the development of the self/soul is the same self for all ; it is the “MVG”, or minimum viable god. Our Waves would still be different, but our “selves” would become more like players in a video game ; able to assume avatars (and realms) at will.

This creates a “continuum” of players that play for all time. In this way, we are very much in this together – we are “one” yet we are also ourselves.

This is an important revelation, because we understand the Other does not need to be in competition with us. Using powers to create division or competition just creates those things in our qualia to experience.

When The Other is an ally and not an obstacle, this brings us towards unity, or the connection to our qualia and our connection to The Other. This reduces Nonsense because now we are fully living within ourselves both in mind and “world.” Cooperation crushes competition. We are rallying our whole world to our cause, realizing that all of our causes are really the same. This is the death of the survival mind – the survival mind has a “plateau” that it cannot ascend past.

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