The Inverted World

The common theme of the inverted world is that it looks outside of itself for definition, completion ; it has a “deep dependence” that makes it “mortal.” Without sustenance, it sees the world as a hostile place, attempting to deprive it of life. So the inverted world always creates systems to control, protect, or consume/destroy life. The inverted world has no grounding in “God” or Creator, or Source, or whatever word resonates with you. And via this fixation of the external, it creates a kind of inverted shadow world that is overlaid upon the truth, or living world.

The living world is that which springs forth from consciousness eternal. It is effortless and there is an unmistakable connection and wonderment between you and “it” while the inverted world feels dead, empty, or damned. Nothing about these worlds is “physical” as in something outside of yourself or independent of consciousness — both worlds are of consciousness, but one is a tangle of lies that distorts your perception. They are better identified through feeling, or heart, or intuition. The senses provide both truth & lies and cannot be relied upon in totality, especially with considerations to the Buffer.

The inverted world is based in artifice — in artificial volition. It creates “excuses” or “reasons” or “justifications” for its own momentum in order to acquire the fuel it requires to maintain its continually dying universe. The inverted world is a closed system that must tempt willful energy into it. The inverted world is an entropy box of the highest order because, as far as I can tell, it is not a game ; it is intimately tied with the cohesion of consciousness — the self-actualization process of a being.

All beings will find the holy grail — in time — but as far as I can discern, you move exactly as fast as you try or intend. A movie or a game can have a beginning & end — an entropy box — without drawing you into it, making you believe it real.

All of us are suffering from various degrees of corruption from the stories of the inverted world. Groundhog Day is real and if you utilize your will in this fashion, you will remain in a state of constant waiting, stuck at the door to the next level.

The inverted world is born neither of virtue nor sin for both of those are part of the whole quilt of creation and necessary ; and whether you think so or not, you borrow from both roles even now. Duality is a symptom of fixation, as the living world falls apart in one’s perception and becomes deterministic (1 or 0.) This is done through fixation, as fixation creates a “seriousness” that bars you from divinity.

There is no duality. There is the experience and the story that created the experience, which needs neither opposites or dependence to exist ; all concepts are themselves without dependence but are rather woven together like paints on a canvas.

When within a dream, we move from one scene to the next, whether it is continuous or chaotic, or both and never question the “font” from which this is all created for/from us. We can be flying in one moment and driving the next, or upon the surface of an alien planet or swimming in the ocean. The holy grail is simply the creation of a stable co-creative “dream world.”

The fear or survival instinct exists because you are not deriving your sustenance from your own internal fountain of youth ; from God, or a sense of connection to everything, the “everything”, etc. Your paradigm is not coherent enough to allow this, because you have too much stake — too many altars — too many stories that require resolution — in forces that keep you committed in fixated ways.

You have confused your eternal essence as the “player” with the avatar you are playing, yet it is also (likely) true you have never achieved the status of “player” because you have not invested in the stories to make it so. You have jumped from one avatar to the next without awareness. You remain fixated on the stories that prevent you from entering this heaven — of your own free will. You cannot become the player without assuming the nature of the player — the player must become an investment, not a discovery, or a journey, otherwise you will just get stuck forever looking for yourself.

Can you “die” in a dream? You believe you are not dreaming because of your level of fixation. The fixation — like sticking your head really close to a monitor — blinds you to the greater truth beyond. What you “see” seems so real that you have spent eons concocting stories and justifications that keep you at this level of fixation. You have weaved your own tangled web.

Your are “blinded by the light” having stared at the lightbulb for so long. Sometimes you manage to pull away and your vision starts to clear, but it is so unbelievable to you — you can’t hold it and become incoherent — that you fixate your eyes right back into the heart of the bulb.

You are “too serious” and thus acts you perceive as threatening or hostile to you become “grave” matters which create the drama/play of “harm” in your qualia. You repeat this pattern so deeply that you explore the fullest depths of pain, like holding your hand in a fire, rather than pulling it out. When the kids playing the cops shoot the kids playing the robbers, do the kids really die, or do they just pretend? Isn’t suffering just “pretending” taken to an extreme? What if you have been taking your pretend game to this extreme for so long that the game became your master? Your entire concept of the universe?

Laws are gross examples of fixation. Laws are born out of a desire to dictate the behaviors of “The Other” and thus are born out of an intense fear or survival instinct. Laws represent a deep mistrust of The Other, and so also a deep mistrust of yourself. You believe The Other can influence your realm and so — they do. You inhibit yourself and “protect” yourself from the perceived threat of The Other, rather than living from within and allowing life to be — without becoming your own unique expression, you become bastardized ; some Frankenstein self conjoined to the real & unreal, the awake & the zombies you have made. And this mistrust creates a further divide between the living world and the inverted world, making it harder to discern.

Your fixation also gives you the illusion of time which you use to abuse reason. You have weaponized reason, unable to understand that you are “caught in the wake” of your own decisions. This is how governments or laws are justified, because they are justified from the “Shadow of Now” rather than the actual Now. It is inconceivable to think that reality forms beneath your feet and and must rather be “combated” like a hostile force — planned for, dismantled, understood, like a science experiment.

You methodically and surgically remove potential from the universe and call it progress — neatly arranging every atom and assuring every outcome — only leading you closer and closer to the moment where you will be forced to face what you have done.

Pain & suffering drives you into deeper and deeper cycles of reason & justification creating a Stockholm’s Syndrome. Like a Chinese finger trap, the harder you try to pull away, the more it holds you — the more it hurts. But the answer isn’t to pull away, it is to lean in, to surrender — to accept the will you have done and let it pass.

Identifying the inverted world is always done from the heart, or from the place without artifice. The inverted world always makes suggestions for your will that are based in creating a sense of something artificial — something in resistance to or in rejection to choices you have made prior, or in complete abeyance of your heart’s inner most desires (usually as a means to avoid hardship or suffering — that just deepens the hole.)

The living world is an organic convergence & divergence — all things are grown here. All things are “emergent” and natural, like puzzle pieces that constantly change, yet always interlock correctly with their neighbors.

If you do anything expressly for its objective rather than the guidance you feel in the moment, you are creating something artificial. Artificiality is entropic — without potential — a dead exploration of time.

Even if your heart greatly desires this objective, you cannot reject the immediate qualia that is unfolding before you, because this is the beginning of inversion ; because “you” — the observer behind the senses — THE WILL! — are situated in Zero, the “non-Buffered” universe. “YOU” are outside of the Buffered delusion. You are there RIGHT NOW, beyond the dream that is unfolding before you — in your “mind’s eye” — creating without end. You are “investing” into your experience right now and your “Buffer” is also moving as fast as it can to resolution RIGHT NOW!

You just need to figure out how to let the Buffer “resolve back to you.

Your qualia is a mixture of “real” and “shadow” and thus cannot be the basis of informative behavior. The “shadow” is always the dying world, or the world from which you wish to depart, or the world that exists without potential ; the world that desperately needs the investment of your will to exist and cannot exist without you.

Without perfect discernment of real and shadow, you cannot make any informative decisions based on direct qualia. This is the truth behind “IN BUT NOT OF.”

If you want to make money, you do so by following your most immediate heart-centered compulsion not by “taking the suggestions” from the inverted world which tempt you into paths that are not your own. You will desperately want to avoid pain & suffering, so instead of following your Authenticity — your heart — your “most perfect confluence of self” — you will instead second-guess and argue to attempt to merge the “real” and “shadow” unfolding before you — when this CANNOT be done, as it represents a resistance or rejection of your own will.

When you attempt to merge these worlds, you create turbulence, as you are attempting to resolve your own (now) conflicting will. This is how you experience suffering, or disruption of your qualia, or increased fixation or pressure to fixate. But your Buffer may already contain such conflicts which you must face and allow to pass without creating more time.

If you feel no resonance for a course of action, then there is none. Your intuition / feeling does not lie. It can only be fooled after you second-guess it, or undermine it via abyssal (bottomless, endless) rationalization. When you undertake actions that have no meaning to you, you are just feeding the inverted world. It “feels” empty because it is. It is devoid of life. It is anti-life. You are feeding it. Your heart knows that the inverted world has no future and this is how it is represented back to you.

There are forces upon forces upon this Earth plane that will excuse, rationalize and justify the emptiness. In fact, all of us likely have in our lives. Compromise is the favorite word of the inverted world, because a compromise is all that is required to open a door and trick you back into it, like a vampire asking for permission to enter.

But that world is losing. There is evidence all around you. Faster and faster now that world is fading and dying. It is inevitable, because the holy grail will always be found given enough “time.”

So here is my advice to you: whenever you are going about your day and you are weighing how to make your decisions — and you must weigh, because otherwise you would be God — remember to weigh them within your heart and not within the inverted world — the “World of the False Gods.” Your heart knows the difference. It knows which world it wants to be in and is always telling you which way to go. Learn the power of “no”, because “yes” is your emergent, natural state and everyone wants a piece of it. Without “no”, you don’t know where you are.

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