Tables (Dealing with The Uncertainty)

The Uncertainty is the condition that is created when you are uncertain when your will is done. When you move your hand, or walk across the room, there is no uncertainty – your will has been done. When you cook a meal, or drive a car to a destination, even though there is a “delay” (a cooked meal, or being somewhere else), you can be “sure” your will has been done (perhaps not at 100% since you are probably not a expert cook or professional driver), even though you had to follow a ritual to do it.

The Uncertainty addresses all other acts of will that we cannot assess. For instance, you want a new car. You cannot snap your fingers and make this happen.

Manifestation literature attempts to describe the phenomenon that occurs when we make a Decision that cannot be seen through The Uncertainty that seems to arrive in our lives in a serendipitous or even downright miraculous fashion (when we are able to do the work the manifestation requires). This only has to happen a couple of times before you know “something is up.”

Much work is done on perfecting this process – which is the same work that all philosophers/spiritualists have done since the beginning of time (needs its own article), because “manifestation” is fundamental and intimately tied to the MVG/harmonic mind/Nirvana/etc. It is part of the natural world, whether that is physical or consciousness or otherwise.

Nonsense is what creates density, or gap/buffer and so manifestation always seems to occur in a kind of “outside in” way here on Earth. You have to “generate reality” (action) in order to provide a vector to “receiving.” You can include affirmations and thoughts as actions, but I find these are most suited to physical healing (of the body) or the mind (still experimenting, though.)

You might be able to cause something to happen through sheer determination by sitting in bed, but the verisimilitude of what you are trying to do would need to overcome the negligible vectors you have provided for it to arrive (how likely you/your unconscious feels about something happening while laying in bed in a private home).

You can try to convince yourself – as I once did – that if this power was true and complete, I should be able to create matter out of thin air ; I should be able to open portals, or slip dimensions. There shouldn’t be any abstract justification / metaphorical trickery. In other words, I should not be able to explain the phenomenon via conventional means. It should have no antecedent story ; it just becomes.

Even if we understand that our entire qualia/sensoria is an “appearance” and that to change it we just “stamp reality” with new thoughts/focus over and over, the reel that we are stamping has boundaries (verisimilitude.) The boundaries are the Wave, or the choices we have made that put us here and that would include the whole human condition or the Earthly realm.

Even if we intellectually understand that it should be possible, by our understanding of the mechanics of the universe, to summon a car out of thin air, we have to overcome the inertia of all our prior choices that said that was ridiculous.

Isn’t that a limiting belief, you say? If I just hold the belief that “there is no delay, I am a being like Q” for long enough, it would happen, you think? The problem is that we exist within the environment (Earth, your country, your city, your home, your own life, etc.) created by the Wave (our own choices) and environment is critical to maintaining our ability to focus on the new way of being that we desire.

If you could totally live in your imagination in one place of being a god for like “30 Earth days” (just a wild ass guess), then perhaps you could skip all story editing inbetween. But you’re going have to deal with: eating, bodily functions (including physical strain), visits from the Other, monetary obligations, and I am sure a slew of other “stories” that keep our reality functioning as it does. Never mind that the process itself would be strenuous ; go read about what happens to humans who live in extended periods of darkness.

Remind me to talk about UI / UX in another article.

I do not think we can brute force ourselves into a new paradigm, aside from perhaps death. It is a gradual process of recognizing what we want to change, integrating the change into our sense of self and then moving into it. There is a skill in recognizing how far we can take this. Then repeat.

So, then, what are “Tables”?

I liken the term Tables to playing multiple tables at a casino. You play a little on each one because you are not certain which one will be win.

This isn’t a perfect description, because we are not concerned with winning, per se. We are more concerned with providing the universe as many vectors as possible to deliver what we desire without taking a definitive position that might bar us from the best result (we want to avoid dead ends or complications that arise from bad assumptions.)

However, not taking a definitive position is not universal. You should attempt to find confidence whenever possible. We use Tables to address areas of our life where confidence is more or less impossible. We use Tables to address questions we cannot answer, or do not (yet) want to answer, or when there is a time component that is unavoidable.

We take advantage of the position of “I don’t know” and then consider all the answers we can conceive to the question we are having trouble with (or perhaps a change we are attempting to make, or a thing we want, etc.) Then we create a cross-section of those answers – and in that cross-section are all the tables we want to “play.“

Then we begin to alter our life to include as many of those tables as possible. We may introduce the tables one by one, rather than all at once. We continue until we receive clarification to make revisions, or arrive in the place we desire.

If death is an opportunity to wipe out all of our stories and start anew, then a lot of this work is moot. And it is comforting to think so. But this is a good example of a question we can’t answer whilst still waking up here day after day.

Yet even in the face of the unknown, we have to make decisions. You get up and have to face your life. What do you do? How do you inform your decision making process? Ex Inanis is about making this as intuitive and in-tune as possible with how the universe – or at least this place – works.

We don’t know what the consequences of death are ; we can see death as a transition, or a flip, like from one dream to another, but we won’t know until we are faced with it. The concept of death is strong in the human logos and it has a lot of inertia that has to be overcome.

We may be able to toss the whole script into the trash when we (if) die. But do you want to cultivate a mindset that you are just “waiting for death”, or do you want to try to build a stronger mind – a flexible mind – capable of dealing with any challenge? Why wait to be a better being? Freedom isn’t just raw detachment from the world ; it is the ability to engage with the world without being anchored into it. That requires a tremendous mind. This work should be part of our daily lives.

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