Dysfunctional Sovereignty

I coined the term Dysfunctional Sovereignty because I thought I had figured it out.

Sovereignty is how well adjusted you are to your Wave ; the “breadth of your power.” Dysfunctional Sovereignty is the distension of this power, like butter over too much bread.

I am writing about it, because I am in the process of overcoming it ; to reclaiming Sovereignty, or building it back stronger. While we may imagine ourselves to be godlike – and we are – there must be an accounting for potential, or surprise. I have talked about potential and we know that it is a requirement for the universe to even exist. Entropy is the devouter of all universes without potential.

Perfection is non-existence – it is Nonsense – and so, as part of being gods, but less than “GOD”, we accept that we need limitations to have experience at all. This means we can make mistakes, or if this word is too potent, we can “change our minds.” The Uncertainy, though, means we must still be able to deal with our Wave as it departs, no matter how certain we are. We really must have the faith of saints.

On a long enough time line, there will be a surprise in your life that is not pleasant. If you do not have the paradigm to deal with it, great powers of manifestation will become a crucible very quickly. I am reminded of Michael Crichton’s “Sphere” – the movie at least. I never read the book.

The inhabitants of a deep space station come into contact with an alien artifact that manifests their thoughts into form ; the crew almost kills themselves and destroys the station because they did not have the right apparatus to deal with such a power.

Anyone claiming to have conquered the delay/gap of will/result need only demonstrate matter construction, flight, telekinesis, and so on – I would be more than happy to believe it. Yes, belief is a fundamental of the craft, but belief is built & molded upon a bedrock of contemplation & practice ; you do not build your house on a swamp.

Summoning trinkets and money seems irrelevant to true freedom ; to establishing what those “minimum viable” concepts are that we wish to keep forever.

If you can stand in your power and not wobble under any external stimulus, I applaud you.

I tried for years to “skip” timelines or find a portal there. I’ve done deep, crazy meditations. Experienced all sorts of weirdness and “coincidence.” I’ve had dreams that were “as real” or “more real” than waking reality. Yeah, that’s right – more real. I can’t even describe it except that it was like having no peripheral vision ; the world was more vibrant ; it felt more like “home” than here. I want to go back there.

Experiences like these will inflate your “ego.” Look how much power I have! There is nothing out of my reach. I can discard the whole world!

And so you fly like the fabled Icarus. Without the proper mind to wield this power, your wings are of feathers and wax. You can glimpse the version of you that can hold these places, but have no idea how to hold it through gap/buffer. Your cohesion will buckle under the infinite maw that is above your current experience and throw you back to the ground you had before.

But as I said in the last post, you cannot lie to your heart. It holds more than what you can conceive. You are a speck channeling awesome power into a single point, like an iceberg. This is why we do shadow work – to dig out the bits of us that we want to release. This builds a new ground for us to launch from.

Before experiencing a kidney stone, there were depths of pain I had no idea were possible for a human to experience. Hubris & complacency is what kills gods.

Maybe you could “hop” into a different version of you with everything you want, but this strikes me as a devil’s bargain bought with amnesia. It would kind of like giving up. But that’s what death is ; that’s what reincarnation is. At some point, your soul becomes sick of it.

If you want to maintain a continuum – to align to other beings of such a continuum – to build that immortal soul – it is much trickier.

This is the kind of work that should be done with infinite patience, as well as a lot of humbleness. If all you wish is to manifest mundane things, then more power to you. When you step into the metaphysical and the abstract – to obtain true freedom – to create reality on demand – you are a true adept.

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