Addiction and complacency may as well be one and the same.

Addition doesn’t have to be an addiction to destroy your life. Or perhaps the definition of addiction is too nebulous for most of us to understand. You’re not addicted, you say? You can simply become complacent with a status quo, or rationalize your mediocrity.

Anything you do that your heart knows is disruptive to your life, or holds you back from experiences you want – or need – might be described as an addiction. Our physical health doesn’t need to visibly deteriorate. We can simply be bled slowly over many years and just come to think this is normal. This may even manifest as a gradual decay in the body that is just an accepted part of being human. Hmm. I wonder what that sounds like.

This can go on for so long you actually create a paradigm out of it. You could even market & sell it!

This kind of “addiction” may even be more insidious because it easily masquerades under the approval of our own consciousness and may also manifest in The Other who keeps you in the same place. This is how Nonsense can abuse love – by hiding behind The Other, whom you love and want to exist in harmony with – so you compromise and don’t do a damn thing to offend them. You let yourself commiserate or be convinced and think this is good for you, because it came from someone you love.

Ah, well …

When you adopt a paradigm rooted in subjective idealism, it becomes very difficult to put poison into your life, even if that poison is comforting or familiar. Every time you fail to adhere to your heart’s request, it builds an irritation, disappointment or discontent (we might even call that ‘inflammation’) , like a little drop of poison. Deep down you know this and yet you keep justifying – its alright, just one more drop of poison. How much could be in there? It’ll wash out. I’ll deal with the consequences.

You know that consequences of that extra helping of fries, or that 8-hour game session doesn’t just disappear. You know that choosing to stay in instead of going out to make friends is just another delay, but its alright – I’ll just “attract” what I want out of the ether. It’ll show up. I just gotta trust it. I’m just not trusting hard enough, for fuck’s sake! Have another beer or pop a pill. I can transmute it!

Let’s look at my little toroidal field image again (from the Lexicon) that I totally didn’t ripoff and edit –>

You know that whatever you put it drifts back around to you in some form or another. You might not even know what form it will take. Perhaps the consequences manifest as something totally and seemingly unrelated to the original action. That’s how the “dream” recombines and is reborn again and again. Your dreams, every night, show you how one thing can turn into another – yet you think this doesn’t happen in your waking reality?

You heart tells you to quit it, but your rationalize “see, there were no consequences.”

There isn’t always a clearly defined antecedent. It is “all energy” which we are always reinterpreting as it passes by. Our state of being, mind, thoughts, feelings at the moment of interpretation change the picture entirely. All those nights you decided to stay home and think the only consequence is loneliness – now it manifests as indigestion, an argument with a friend, a perfectly good computer malfunctioning, a broken pipe, or that brand new game being terrible. You can never know.

Your dream will fuck with you because you are fucking with yourself. Crazy? What is crazy is that you know what your heart desires but let fear make all your decisions.

Maybe years of physical tension and repressing your heart’s desires – each little drop of poison – eventually manifests into a kidney stone to wake your ass up. Human death is a critical accumulation of too much Nonsense.

I prefer the term complacency to addiction because addiction just triggers knee-jerk reactions. At least there is some wiggle room when we talk about complacency and recognizing how detrimental it is to one’s life.

Does your life resemble your ideal? Mine doesn’t – so the work continues.

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