No Thoughts, No Reason

Okay, time for a bit of crazy.

I am becoming increasingly convinced that all thought arises from the Context. That is, there is not a single thought that arises from your inner being at all.

The thoughts that seem benevolent or subservient — which we are more prone to claiming as “ours” – are no different than negative ones, or even neutral ones. They are simply the most attractive thoughts that exist within the Context that you are entertaining.

“Reasoning” is just unpacking these thoughts, or digging out more of a kind – also from Context. What is “attractive” is you using certain aspects of Wave as informative (you are getting on the stage, instead of being in the audience).

Thoughts are a complete distraction that keeps you locked in creating time.

Yes, I am becoming increasingly convinced that our Wave is completely invisible outside of how it is “implied” back to us from Context. But this also feels incomplete / somewhat obvious. If we go looking “within” we are just digging deeper into the Context that isn’t us at all. Well, it IS, but it is because the Wave “contains” it and we are “seeing through it.”

We can recognize that in a roundabout way the thoughts are ours, because the Wave was our choice and because the Context derives from Wave, but what do we do when we wish to “rise above” the Context? In theory, we would want to allow the Context to “pass.”

Our personal Wave is just sculpted from interaction with the Context. It seems to be “on display” all the time.

But there is no “within” if we just “are” – we are “outside of Wave” – which makes sense within the greater framework of Ex Inanis. When you are at your best, you are surfing the Wave across Context.

What does this mean? Thoughts are like a smell, or a taste. They are just another “sense” that we feel from the Context.

This would seem to make them almost useless even in comparison to physical senses. No – not useless – but it takes practice to start recognizing them as part of the world itself and not yourself, so as to not let them influence your Authentic/Heart-decisions.

I feel like somehow I’ve been at this realization before, but nonetheless it feels profound again. Advocates of “ego dissolution” will want to go “duh” here without considering “what about us” is allowing us to make decisions, since decisions cannot be made in a void. That is “Wave.” But the Wave is contaminated (or connected), so to speak, with the Human Context.

What happens, I think, in seeing the thoughts as part of the Context is that we are pulling further out as to what is “us” and “not us.” Or, with better clarity, what we choose and what we do not choose. This is just a way of re-organizing Wave. We are “broadening.” The Wave begins to allow the Context to trickle out, like a sieve.

Yes, that feels right. Then it is a matter of practice of watching all thoughts and seeing them as derivative of Context. This isn’t a rejection of what put us here, or what the “Wave” polarizes, but a recognition of now rising above it. We are letting the Context itself pass! This should start removing it from Wave altogether. Or even allow it to become “more flexible” as it departs.

Well, I will begin to practice this and see how it goes.

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