Disclaimer (old)

When I write here, I usually assume I am just talking to myself. Yet I understand I have opened this process to the wider world for various reasons.

Ex Inanis – this blog – is not meant to be a place for me to make commitments, anchors or promises. This blog is not meant to be a noose around my neck or something that makes me wake up in cold sweats.

This blog is not meant to be informative, to claim knowledge or give advice.

This place is a “black hole” for my over active mind.

This blog is to half-assedly assemble a lifetime of introspective work into something more tangible or legible while trying to have fun with it. I put stuff here that I don’t want in my mind yet may want to revisit at some point. If it helps someone else, great.

I make no claims that this blog is without errors, or that I will not recant or revise prior positions given new insights or evolving circumstances. I am still human – or at least I play one on TV.

I make no promises that I will separate the personal ramblings/rants/antecedes from the salient wisdom. Right now its part of the package because that’s usually how its “channeled.”

I realized the whole “erase all games” and “take no breaks” posts from awhile ago were the end of a kind of psychological extremism that had possessed me from dealing with a great deal of pain and upheaval. That machine/ego-mind was attempting to usurp the controls and Ex Inanis is what kept the truck on the road.

I confess I cancelled the process after a few days, although the GoG account is toast. Causality of spiritual war.

I am leaving the past content here because there are still valuable insights amid the awkward humanness and there is a certain value to seeing the evolution of the work / the human behind. I want to continue doing this blog. There is an x-factor I enjoy. Maybe a kind of weird sense of freedom from leaving all my faults out there.

I am posting this little “DISCLAIMER” here to remind MYSELF to not over obsess what I post here or fall into perfectionism.

That is all!

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