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This idea of constant soul/individual growth is dysfunctional and non-sustainable. It is entropic.

There is no time. We are playing in this “now moment” for all time. Our experience is a Wave that is always changing (which gives us the variance of experience), but “we” are complete and whole.

That all choices are recorded – to serve as further fuel for everyone to use in their decision-making / creation – is quite different from souls that are “always expanding.”

What our lives would be like if all wishes were fulfilled? No experiences are more or less valid than others. The world often gives weight to suffering, elevating it above other experiences. It creates an imbalance/disharmony (a disturbance in the force.) If experiences were weighted, this would create entropy.

“We” are not expanding. God/Source is expanding as this is a requisite to create eternity. God holds all the imagination/potential of everyone and everyone connects to God to create/experience.

When an experience is weighted, all other experiences are forced into service of the heavier ones ; imagine a pit, a pyramid, or a black hole – the densest point sucks in everything else. Entropy.

This means all the traditional “negative experiences” are derived from a choice. Choices no one would make (“if they didn’t have to” – which gives us a clue.)

Pain, fear, suffering – these are from disconnection from God/Source. They are reminders on how to reconnect to God – “To the Source” – to that which gives us life.

These negative experiences might stem from a low-cohesion consciousness, which suggests we are fledgling souls, or souls-in-rehab (or lightworkers on a mission). We don’t need to know. Our “waves” seem to be creating an interference with our God connection.

DO YOU THINK BEING MISERABLE OR DEPRESSED IS “NATURAL”? THIS IS AN ABSENCE OF LIFE. That is how it manifests. It is the story you need to explain what you are experiencing.

A total absence of life does not exist – it is nonsense. The closer to “total nonsense” you come, the more suffering you experience. That we can even experience this ping-pong of of life to anti-life is what is “wrong.” It is a neurosis of consciousness. There is ONLY LIFE.

“Pain is weakness leaving the body”, or “Suffering is the darkness being purged from your body as you realign to God.”

It requires a lack of imagination to think we would somehow exhaust our ability to create or experience and so need these life upheavals / reversals. Seeing as how we would all be having our wishes fulfilled, there would be a constant stream of creation and new things to do.

Limitations are imperative in order for experience to exist. They are divine and allow the cosmos to function. We can easily imagine sets of limitations that never experience suffering and are completely stable. If we just kept expanding, we would annihilate ourselves.

Being fearless does not mean we are perfect. Fearlessness is playfulness!

Having a good attitude about overcoming adversity is one thing, but elevating suffering “into the divine” rubs me wrong. We should not put suffering on a pedestal as a coping mechanism. This is like idealizing a disconnection from God. This is not the basis of any kind of paradigm/belief system.

It is like trying to unplug yourself from yourself, which is an impossibility. It is complete nonsense and so creates nonsense (suffering) within yourself to experience. The suffering physically manifests in whatever way you need to “explain the suffering” in a believable way because it is INCOMPREHENSIBLE. That is the nature of the beast. This is why I call it Nonsense ; it is a glitch with no fixed state ; it is raw chaos. You create the story to “remain whole” because there is no other “story” that would explain “nonsense” to you.

It is a vile twisting of realities. We do this to ourselves to “wake up.”

Does joy not expand the soul? Does tranquility not expand the soul? Does not hate? Do not vice and indulgences also expand the soul? Yet we always somehow choose to move ourselves away from suffering if we can, because it is not natural. It is so primal within us to avoid suffering that this should be the biggest clue we have. Overcoming this primal revulsion to suffering requires extreme states of mind and paradigms – “masochism” is a pejorative.

Suffering = varying degrees of denial of experience/qualia and your connection to it.

Even a masochist must transform/transmute suffering into a PLEASURE, or a JOY – meaning suffering is still something that is antithetical to their nature! A masochist does not “hold their suffering” like we can hold peace or joy or even anger or hate – because suffering is complete NONSENSE/disconnection. You cannot “remain in suffering” because you are always wanting to get out of it – masochism is a desperate transmutation of suffering to reconnect to God.

Suffering exists, we acknowledge it and do our best to reduce it or overcome it. We do not need to deify it.

We have become so sensitized to suffering that we don’t even want to touch it – we are afraid of reconnecting to God – and instead bend our whole civilization around it – creating massive collective resistance that manifests it. Humans have elevated suffering to the divine and this is how consciousness can be hijacked to feed the dark gestalt / parasites / low-consciousness patterns / etc. that cannot exist otherwise.

This post could go on forever and I need to attend to other tasks. I’m going to put this up so I can think about it / work on in down the road. Lots of good subtle information here.

As always, use your own discernment, but my opinion is that this “constant expansion of the soul” idea needs revising.

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