Remembering Synthesis

Continuing to come back into things I figured out years ago. Feels like this whole year I have been reassembling / re-doing work I already did. I’m done pretending that I am not upset about this.

We already know that there is no such thing as polarity. However, for the sake of this Earthly discussion, we will use terms of polarity to help deliver an understanding.

Synthesis is the concept of putting together positive & negative polarities to create a third state (neutrality), which we might consider love, which we might consider god/potential, Source, etc. This is the ability to hold contradictory concepts in order for them to become their idealized form. We will come back to this.

Why is this such a critical concept?

This year has been a brutal reminder that if you lean too far into either spectrum – negative OR positive – you are going to have a bad time. This causes the Wave to lose integrity / destabilize, like a spinning top that starts to wobble.

This year I remembered what happens when you lean way too far into the positive spectrum.

While extremes on both end will dampen your connection to God (this is your ability to enjoy life), the negative & positive polarities cause interference in different ways.

People are probably more familiar with what happens with excessive negativity. Excessive negativity will cause you to become excessively individualistic. This will make you prioritize your Wave concerns to the detriment of The Other. At the very extreme, you will start to believe The Other doesn’t exist at all. The Other are just puppets of your will.

The positive side will cause you to self-sacrifice and over-tolerate. You will become a wet noodle. It will become hard to set boundaries and you will have an annoying habit of taking all the blame and burden upon yourself.

In actuality, it is what we accept as the positive spectrum that leads to the victim complex. This will be explained.

The negative spectrum provides critical components in cohesion/integrity (boundaries) – so even if you are a crappy person, you will tend to be a more “stable” person.

Happy-go-lucky people tend to be neurotic or dysfunctional. There is a reason – they have no personal sovereignty.

Happiness, joy, tranquility and so on do not provide integrity on their own.

The positive & negative are intended to work together to provide ideal experience / life. Yin/yang, etc. Now, remember, there is a reason Ex Inanis denies polarity, because it is a more limited way of thinking. However, sometimes we forget, so we use the terms of the old system to climb back out.

The negative encases the positive ; the negative provides the boundaries and it “tempered” by the positive. In other words, instead of tyranny, you get sovereignty.

The positive is allowed to “be” its best expression by the boundaries of the negative without falling apart. What happens with excessive compassion? You will end up tolerating anything & everything, even if it breaks down the integrity of consciousness.

This year I have been dealing with levels of anxiety I have never experienced before and I have been having a very difficult time figuring out why. I resorted to the tried-and-true method of looking for other people’s experiences and hit gold: Anxiety is the result of conflict. I think I may have turned a corner.

It was because I have been leaning too positive. I had been blocking my own “darkness.”

It is the humans that “polarize” things as if they are desirable / undesirable when neither is the case. All are tools that keep reality functioning.

Every time I’ve made a breakthrough this year it was when I said “no”, or got angry and told certain emotions to stop or leave. (This can also be taken to excess, which results in denial or rejection.) Consistency is always key, but I find the more aggressive techniques so far have worked better than the softer ones.

Here is where most humans get confused. There is nothing wrong in valuing the integrity of your qualia. What is qualia? It is the experience you are having right now. This is valuable. You don’t need to answer to whom it is valuable. You can, if you wish – yourself, your soul / your Higher Self, God, the human collective, whatever. All that is important it that it has value.

We value our qualia, not our “identities”, because the identities are just an appearance. Something ephemeral.

But there is “something” that we still require in order to preserve this qualia and these are the virtues of the ancients. These are the truths that must be learned “inbetween” that are held within your soul.

If the negative provides the boundaries that the positive needs to allow its fullest expression (a unique aspect of God/Source/etc.), then strangely, our world seems to be an inversion of this concept. The negative is “protected” by the positive. Excessive tolerance and compassion has created a fault in integrity. I see it in your eyes – you do not understand!

The default “experience” of the world is firmly rooted in the negative, even if you have mastered the process of transmutation to make it positive. It requires “effort” to make it positive but this is not “natural.” It is not “automatic.” You understand? You are “doing work” to change the nature of the world from negative to positive. You have made sacred the entire idea of work, rather than assume “it is done.” You have grounded your joy or satisfaction in your qualia to this process.

Most people don’t question the “negative bias” that is at the heart of this world. It has done great things in creating paradigms and systems for “transmutation” (to justify/tolerate/change the negative to positive) without addressing the roots of the problem, because it believes this is just “how it is suppose to be.”

But we can know that it doesn’t have to be this way on the simple apprehension that we can imagine another state of affairs. We can imagine a whole different root. We can imagine a “positive bias”, or a “neutral bias”, or something else altogether.

All around our world we have physical systems to tolerate, protect and stabilize. Everyone is subject to governments, laws, police, cultural norms, monetary systems and hundreds of other examples of “external pressure.” They provide “integrity” to our world … but don’t you see? Integrity is suppose to be within. It has been externalized and made manifest in the physical world.

How did this happen?

It happens when beings cannot hold their own integrity within, so they need it “without.” They need to be told what to do. They need to be protected from each other. They need rules and boundaries to determine “how they can experience.” They need the crutches to “hold themselves together.” This is justified by all sides as some kind of basic requirement when it couldn’t be farther from the truth. This is the (false) basis of our entire civilization.

Integrity/cohesion is within. This is how you definitively know the negative is the default (or bias towards) state of the world because it is present with the 3d/physical realm. If the positive were the default, police, governments, etc. would not exist, or would truly be of service to us. Life would become more effortless, rather than a struggle.

Sovereignty is inherently born from (the demonized concept) of DARKNESS. Without the DARK, the LIGHT cannot be perceived. Suffering has to do with NEITHER of these things.

Remember, remove the evaluations from positive & negative and simply try to accept what each category represents without providing it a “weight.” This is also critical in understanding UNITY. The gamut of what you understand as DARK is what gives your STRENGTH, INTEGRITY and BOUNDARIES in which to FULLY EXPRESS within your qualia. Without these forces, you bleed out ; your top stops spinning ; your qualia becomes erratic, or dies (amnesia ; becomes too burdened and must be rebooted.)

If you need help understanding how HATE, or ANGER are good things, think of them as deterrents ; a kind of mutually assured destruction. Everyone carries these swords around so they never have to be used. They are symbolic, or the exaltation of our qualia.

Without this sword, EVERYONE SUFFERS, because individual qualia cannot be adequately expressed. We all become chaotic/neurotic.

When these powerful negative concepts are tempered with your compassion and kindness, they create SOVEREIGNTY. No longer are they just pure destructive power, they are used to transmute potential into form – to create DECISION – to impose order on chaos.

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