Karma & Free Will / One Worldism

This post came about after reading this article –> https://eraoflight.com/2022/08/31/hakann-karma/

Everyone is describing the same elephant, so here is my opinion.

Karma is just another word for all your prior decisions (including past “lives.”) There is what is consciously making decisions and what has become automated or unconscious making decisions. You can call this “karma”, because it has consequences upon your reality generation.

Free will is never violated because you are not living in a singular world. The singular world concept is what ensnares your mind, because it “lowers the perspective.” This ensnaring is what keeps you “logged in.”

You are living in a multidimensional world like a Massive Multiplayer Roleplaying Game where every person is their own instance/universe. You are matched to the other “players” who align to your decisions. This matching is instant and always happening.

See the lyrics to Sweet Dreams – “Some of them want to use you, Some of them want to get used by you, Some of them want to abuse you, Some of them want to be abused.” That’s the cynical perspective, but helps gets the point across.

Where this will trip most people up is in the question of morality or ethics. Since all outcomes happen and there is no “right or wrong”, it seems like you could do whatever you want, right? No. You are not yet in “Heaven.”

Morality/ethics are concerns of cohesion, or your ability to maintain your “being”, or what I call “continuum.” Reincarnation is indefinite until you are able to maintain being whilst holding “all your karma.” This requires many virtues, but a lot of compassion & faith.

Good & Evil is binary/polarity or what I call machine-mind thinking. If you must use these terms, then Good is whatever imparts more integrity to your consciousness and Evil is whatever makes your consciousness lose integrity.

Unification (Unity) with your self/World/Others is locked behind the concepts of compassion/faith. Faith allows you to be in the audience and not on the stage – to be “in but not of” – to view the “whole elephant” and not a part. Compassion is the universal translator, or the glue that holds everything together.

Until you learn these virtues, you are at a lower state of consciousness (too detail oriented – too “on the ground” – the survival or machine-mind. Fixation. Sensitivity.)

You are an eternal being. You are playing for all time. You are riding a Wave that you create by your choices. The Wave is what aligns/creates your apparent reality (what I call Context.) To access “higher realms”, the Wave must contain the “matchmaking parameters” to get you there.

You can call this expansion, if you like, but I don’t like the idea. The idea of constant expansion is dysfunctional and linear. [ edit: had a bit of a revelation I will post about later. ] It tends to let itself justify / glorify suffering, but suffering is just another choice. The Human Context just happens to have a lot of suffering to “stop choosing.”

When you achieve being/continuum – you might call that Heaven or Nirvana – you will become “non-linear”, able to align/create other realities and expand/contract your Wave (soul) for all eternity as you play. You will KNOW when you have arrived, because you will look up from the monitor and see that Earth was just “one of the games” and you are surrounded by other players.

Earth is a game, but it isn’t. It doesn’t “allow you” to treat it like a game because of existentialism, which introduces gap/delay/doubt into everything. This doubt is the root of all suffering. It doesn’t matter where that existentialism comes from, whether it is from yourself or “enforced” by the game/Context. As long as we can doubt – existentialism – we have not arrived “home.” We have not “logged out.”

It is possible that death or other “game conditions” may immediately impart this state (logoff), but it doesn’t help us make decisions in our day-to-day lives on how to play. (Only Being does that.)

Here is one possible idea: Earth brings beings to cohesion, or exists as a way for already-cohesive beings to “edit their soul.” Because we are such complex beings, you can consider Earth like an “editing interface.” When you play, you are being given the chance to make revisions, create insights, and so on for your subsequent lives. Doubt/amnesia/veil is a consequence/critical component to becoming “detail oriented” – it is like a vertigo or a dizziness – the distortion created from using a magnifying glass. There are “things within” that are too deep to otherwise access – they are the “karma” (choices) that build your consciousness dream.

If you want to make hardcore revisions to how your basic reality is generating, there is no other way than to “go into the abyss.” It may be that we make expeditions into the abyss and return to “take a break.” You might relate these to cycles that other philosophies/spiritual works talk about.

Because we doubt, we can also know that there must be experiences where there is “no doubt”, so we know the “complete” universe cannot be limited to experiences where there is “always existentialism.” This is a huge clue that Earth is not what it seems. Teachings that arrange themselves around “eternal existentialism” are still trapped in “one worldism.”

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