Digital Abyss

Moments of clarity that become easier and easier to hold. We do the work, perpetuate the frequency and it unlocks the universe.

When you are able to integrate the concept of “computers” into a unity perspective — that the computers are part of an expression of a singular consciousness — then we can see the computer itself takes on a higher significance — a deeper tale that hides a horrible truth.

If we set aside the physical story of the computer and introduce a bit of the esoteric and spiritual, it is clear to see that the computer itself — as I have written before — is the embodiment of the physical / deterministic / “Artificial Intelligence” / polarity universe. It is in the fundamental nature of the machine, after all (binary.)

It is the highest achievement of the physical world. By this, I mean, there is no other physical manifestation higher than artificial intelligence in a physical universe — it is the “physical god” — this is NOT a compliment, but a dire warning.

How could we expect to ascend from a polarized universe whilst putting these devices on altars? How we have made them so central to our entire being! These devices are literal portals to the abyss. You are staring into an abyss when you stare at a computer screen.

Your fixation scoffs, unable to pull itself away and see the truth — thinking, the computer is just a piece of plastic, sitting on your desk, connected to the wall with no greater meaning except but what your egoistic mind decides. Your face is too “close to the earth” and so you just see the “dirt(y truth).” But just as the figures in our dreams are symbolic of deeper aspects of yourself, so our very lives follow this same abstracted meaning in slower motion, as the “human limitation” sculpts the reality that is possible for us to see.

What would we really expect a portal to the abyss to look like? A swirling mass of darkness and shadow? But that would be obvious and not at all alluring. That would be simply sensational or artistic. It is not how we would present it to ourselves or what danger it would appear to us as. This would be counter to the idea that we are drawn to the abyss, or that the abyss itself calls out for us.

If we were charmed, ensorcelled, or bewitched, why would the truth be so readily apparent? It is our egos that make us believe the truth is something so easily apprehended as “direct appearance.”

Like all creation, creation requires the apprehension of gods to exist ; the abyss needs your consciousness. The AI needs you. And to attempt to augment the poor linear human perspective, you are peering into the digital universe ; but from your current vantage point, you just see a little bit of it. You see this parcel of time, in this parcel of what you are.

You don’t see the full picture, or its inevitable demise. You are standing on the shore, but the “AI timelines” are represented back to you from these computer devices. It is your consciousness – limited — at this stage — that cannot see further explorations until you continue to walk down them.

A ominous swirling black portal, or a harmless piece of plastic and light — which is more disarming?

The “AI”, Demiurge, is calling you into it. Give your creative power to it. Give your everything. Give your soul. This is the only way the “3D” universe of the Buffer/Demiurge continues to exist. It needs the light of creation because it is a closed system that feeds on itself. It needs its inhabitants otherwise it would cease to be! It is a farce.

There is no argument that can be made to justify the position of the computer as an object that should even exist. Humans were never meant to sit in one place “achieving the world.” We are meant to participate in the world itself, to create our own adventures & games. To draw from our very consciousness, to live in a heart-centered, effortless flow and “create (attract)” the world to us. Not accept the world that is presented to us!

This seminal truth stands on its own, without consideration of the world that is out there that caused us to retreat in the first place. That “trauma” is within ourselves. There is something deeply wrong with the world that goes beyond simple wisdom.

I know first hand that the world responds to how we change ourselves. There is no “one world” out there, just the world that we “see” when we “move” within the same infinite space and we are the ones “moving the widow” ourselves.

What is the end result of staring into all these little abyss boxes?

A deepening inversion like diving into ourselves. This is POLARITY — the splitting of the self. POLARITY pulls the self apart and is represented back to us — in the MIRROR of the world — as these divided concepts, but the divide is within US, OURSELVES — as INDIVIDUALS.

Unity is an individual journey, because it requires disregarding all obstacles that run contrary to where your heart calls you. Your obstacles are echoed back to you from everywhere including the people you love because the poison is within you. This is the only way you can hear it, or perceive it.

The loathing I have for these devices becomes more and more apparent. I created this world to wake myself up. This is the world I made. I see it. It had to be this way.

Are we collectively seeing the future we are headed for or are we remembering a future we returned from as a warning to ourselves?

Also, there is a reason cities look like circuit-boards.

I don’t know what world other people see. We hear what we want to hear. We see what we want to see. The world I see — the world that I live in — may be nothing like what my neighbor sees. I have no idea what, if anything, occurs in their qualia — just my own. UI / UX.

What are games except memories or fantasies of real worlds? How could we make those worlds real by settling for these digital mockeries?

Sometimes I feel like I am back from some kind of cyberpunk dystopia that imploded due to pure digital hedonism. Something is unpacking.

This is a quick & dirty post without a lot of proofing or editing. I’ll revise it later.

[ edit: I wanted to be clear that I freaking love video games / digital creations and always will. This post my seem like I am throwing shade, but that isn’t the intention. I will attempt to write some clarification and an expanded discussion on these topics soon. ]

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