The Human Condition

The tone of this one will be a little more liberal. You have been warned. Your triggers are yours. Use your own discernment.

The more March marches on, the more I feel “me” than I have ever felt before, uncensored and free.

So let’s grab hold of that truth stick and get this show on the road.

Earth. You are messed up. No, wait, let me rephrase that … Humans. You are messed up. Let’s leave the Earth out of this. She’s innocent.

It takes honest-to-god work everyday to not just say “screw it” and wish someone would find the self-destruct button. I am fairly certain is in the inside of the planet, by the way. It looks like this –>

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The Human stays within this magical goldilocks zone where the desire for its utter destruction is always “tomorrow” and it achieves this precarious balance of its total annihilation by its incredible capacity for creation, creativity and love.

You don’t know whether to hate it or love it and somehow it forces you to do both. This, itself, is also equal measures intoxicating and frustrating.

You have to wonder in what corner of the universe that the idea of choosing experiences you despise, disdain, or just tolerate to perpetuate your already immortal existence is seen as somehow seen as normal or laudable. Like, why would anyone work a 9-5 job in their infinite, divine dream? Even humans somehow understand this on a subconscious level when they portray Hell as a waiting line.

“What happens when they reach the front?” “Nothing. They go right back to the end again. That’s efficiency.”

I can already hear the endless moaning’s, groanings and justifications for survival. Puke.

The human concept of work is beyond bizarre and the human has refined the process to such a degree it has become a Devil’s blueprint ; a fascinating divinely inspired disease that you unleash to see how beautifully it can murder or deify a consciousness. Is it a crucible for the psychotic or saints?

The entire Human culture is built upon gaslighting yourselves and one another from your own will. It is maddening to look upon. It is like actors screaming on a stage blaming each other that they can’t find the steps down!

Once again, I am not sure whether to applaud this or despise it. Everyday I teeter back and forth between: “Save them all.” and “Destroy them all.”

There are no words to just how remarkable the human narrative is at creating incoherence. And it does this via an equally amazing capacity to create coherence. These forces play against each other with such small margins of error that each clash seems to create both incredible novelty and suffering in equal measure.

I can see why aliens would be fascinated with such creatures, yet wouldn’t approach them within a few solar systems for fear they might corrupt them with their sheer absurdity. Just getting near a human is likely some kind of corrupting influence.

I sometimes think humans actually cultivate their suffering on purpose because they secretly love it. It wasn’t until I realized I had been sucked into this gaslighting operation myself that I could see it.

I do not enjoy suffering anymore than the next being, but Humans have refined both the creation & application of suffering to an artform, seemingly as a means of both inventing more deranged pockets of unending time and more wonders & creations. If souls come from other worlds or places, then I think the Human narrative must trap more inquisitive souls just because of its — brilliance? Insanity?

Do you know why I adore the Greek Gods? Because they were fallible and capricious and put nothing above themselves. They glorified humanity without glorifying everything humans drag around their necks like carcasses. They knew how to play. Gods are not meant to be perfect; they are meant to be perfectly imperfect — vessels of limited yet awesome power. Humans are too damn serious.

Humans. Get with the program.

Your future is not in starships, or robots or artificial intelligence. Just more dragging time and excuses, looking for more external saviors, or for freaks sake creating them. I believe the Bible said something about not creating idols or altars.

“I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery. 3 You shall have no other gods before Me. 4 You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in the heavens above, on the earth below, or in the waters beneath.…

Exodus 20:3

Your dependence on technology is killing you. It is a crutch. And there are forces who want to draw you deeper and deeper into it. And half the time I can’t tell if these forces are intentional, or just stupid. Once again, you seem to be willfully spiting yourselves as some unholy ritual to generate suffering for god’s knows what purpose.

We literally now have technology that eats up all the creative works of people and recombines them into new forms. Like, literally eats the creative force (and your potential when you keep using it) and creates Chimerian / Frankenstein forms of “art.” How dense can people be? You won’t be satisfied, I guess, until literal demons are walking the Earth.

You are not here to purge yourself of your ego, or all of your limitations. Just stop. Your need only stop glorifying your urges, vices and attachments, which are the carcasses you drag around, like Marley’s Ghost.

Your limitations are perfect. Your life perfectly presents all the challenges you need to get exactly what you want. You are handed a silver platter from God himself and you’re like, “Nah, no thanks, dad. Imma gonna keep pretendin’ like I’m powerless.” What is God suppose to do? OK, little human, have fun.

There is a phrase I’ve recently heard that I love: “if you’ve made your peace, the devils are really angels freeing you from the earth.” It is a beautiful phrase that epitomizes paradox — synthesis — transmutation — how to adjust your throne.

Everything humans fight, every pain they have, everything they avoid, everything they would call demon or devil is really just showing you where you’ve misplaced your will, as long as you can accept & surrender to yourself. It is showing you how to be free.


I leave you with this nice song. By the way, if you hadn’t figured out, since I post songs at the end so often, I try to pick songs that have relevant lyrics to my posts. They’re not just good songs. Geez.

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