The Earth “Game”: a quick breakdown

First of all, I apologize for the extended absence. Other aspects of life were hoarding my attention and the situation, I hope, is becoming rectified.

I have been squirreling away a bunch of good articles, but they all need some love in order to be presentable. I want to start with a good recap, or rehash of “Ex Inanis” so far. You know, like … “The Story So Far.”

So, you think free will doesn’t exist, or isn’t absolute, eh? You think that perhaps you are the sum total of your parts — that you are like a calculator and the variables of your life just add up — your decisions output in perfect order? Mayhaps you think that your life feels like it is scripted, or that there are forces who have a hand in your pie.

But Macil! Its true. You can’t convince me. It is all determined! One state informs the next state, one feeling, one thought, like a row of domino’s. You are powerless before this unfolding of events. You are just a complicated chemical reaction!

You poor deluded fool. Let me instruct you on how wrong you are.

I want to point out that you are able to observe the forces that seemingly impact your decisions — or result in your decisions — which should give you a clue. The fact that you can observe them should give you immediate pause.

Or perhaps you haven’t ever considered that “something” is observing all of this activity unfold for you to even talk or complain about? In which case that alone would be quite the revelation. If you “see from something other than your eyes“, then is someone other than you controlling this “force of observation?” “What” exactly has the time to complain or contemplate that it doesn’t have free will?

It could be said that the world is at a precipice between those who are falling into determinism (physicalism) and free will (anything freaking else).

This article will be a succinct attempt to coalesce a great deal of knowledge discussed in this site into how the “Earth game” works.

Will is the observational (and executorial) power mentioned above — it is the “eye” behind all senses — the eye that can see things that are not present within your sense-based reality. This eye can “see” any image, “hear” any sound, “feel” any sensation or emotion, and so on. It can (and does) also see, hear, feel (and so on) the apparent “physical” reality — the animated feel-and-touch world.

Remember this! If you can imagine a picture or smell something that isn’t there, you can do this with anything — any feeling, any sensation. This is another clue!

For the sake of this article, let us consider being human on Earth as a kind of cosmic game. I could go deep into this concept, but it should be sufficient for this exercise for you to imagine that you are in a “sub universe” from the “main universe.” This is vast oversimplification for the sake of simplicity.

It is more like both of them are overlapped and “the only limit is yourself.”

Let us call the main universe “Zero.” Zero is “everything”, or a flux-state of all choices being made (this will be elaborated on.)

Zero has its own rules, which we consider absolutes. These absolutes accomplish one thing: they allow life to exist for eternity (eternal play) — for the idea of “non-existence” is a nonsensical concept. There is no “outside the universe”, there is no impending “heat death”, or any other of these ridiculous concepts. As soon as we have created “nothing”, we have created something ; so non-life represents a glitch, an error, or nonsense. A place where your mind tries to go and cannot, because it is an anomaly of conception.

Earth is contained within Zero and while Earth can have its own rules, it must also obey the laws of Zero.

One of the absolutes of Zero is: free will. We can derive a lot of knowledge from this fact.

When you are playing the Earth game, you are conditioned to believe that the fulfillment of your will is achieved through the physical world — such as moving a glass of water from one side of the table to another, driving a car, or doing a job. Humans consider this an “act of will.”

Traditional philosophical and spiritual thought is meant to teach you how to include your thoughts & emotions as part of this “act of will” and through training you can come to have a greater command over these aspects of yourself.

Most schools also teach to have a balance between the inner & outer, but no school has a clear understanding of this relationship. There are common sense ideas like having your basic needs fulfilled will give you more opportunity to work on yourself, that you should practice moderation, or “touch grass” and so on — but few or no schools connect these things as intimately as I do.

We will be going another step beyond traditional wisdom.

I hear you reader. You still have doubts about free will being absolute. You think, perhaps, it is limited, or crippled somehow. Humor me and for a moment believe your free will is absolute. Your every whim is always fulfilled, no matter how bizarre, wondrous or depraved. Just push aside the giggles and disbelief.

In the Earth game, your Will is obscured from you. Ah, here it comes, you say ; some cheap way out to explain this “absolute free will malarkey.”

Try to keep up here.

Remember how I talked about the “observer behind the senses?” And how this observer is your Will. This means that your will is not a series of discrete actions, but more like a stream of water, or light, without end.

For this example, let’s say your will is a paint gun, but someone has jammed the trigger, rigged it with infinite power and infinite paint.

This paint gun, then, represents the “choices” you are making. You want to equate a “choice” with something granular, but this isn’t how it works. Neither Zero nor Earth break down your will this way. Your will is continuous. You are spraying your paint gun everywhere. Have some dignity.

… to have any dignity, you have to break down your will into more discrete units, but that is beyond the scope of this article ...

Now, you say, that clearly isn’t how it works, because we are using this paint gun — the observer — to paint/observe all sorts of things that don’t happen.

You are wrong. They all happen, but they are subject to many alterations before they get to you — and I am going to show you how. Be warned! This is Eldritch knowledge.

In Zero, whatever you use your paint gun appears to you an instantaneous manner. But all “games” require some disruption of this absolute to create different experiences — like stability and continuity. These are the “rules of the game.”

All games have some variance of what I call a BUFFER. The Earth Buffer is amongst the “hardest core” out there, because it produces what we experience as a kind of banality, or physicality. What is this Buffer?

Imagine that while you are holding this paint gun, your head is peeking through a window into a different room. You can’t see the room you are painting. But after some time passes, the room you are looking at rotates out of your vision and the room you are painting rotates into your vision.

We can also straight up use the programming definition of a buffer –>

Data Buffer

In computer science, a data buffer (or just buffer) is a region of a memory used to temporarily store data while it is being moved from one place to another. Typically, the data is stored in a buffer as it is retrieved from an input device (such as a microphone) or just before it is sent to an output device (such as speakers).

Once again, remember your WILL? The observer? The eye? Everything you are observing right now is being dumped into this Buffer. The Earth game then uses this buffer to create an illusionary “delay” to your experience which you will later experience. Your “will” is being “saved” to be later moved and shown to you to your physical senses.

Before physical reality is rendered to you, this Buffer has to go through a process of verisimilitude resolution, or “verisimilitude confluence.” To be clear, this is also part of your will. To better understand this concept, you truly need to have a grasp of how time works as well. So let’s take a brief tangent.

Time does not exist. Time is a phenomenon of experience created by the demands of verisimilitude and the Buffer.

As a divine being, you are “always on.” You possess a “state” which is in constant flux (the paint gun is full of rainbow paint). You are witness to the eternal operation of this state. Whenever a variable within the state changes, your experience changes.

This may sound deterministic, but it is not, because of many factors not the least of which include: potential itself, randomness, rules of the game, conflict of wills or the choices of The Other, the flux state of the collective, and the particulars in the confluence of verisimilitude.

This state is a shade, or a limitation, or a filter, upon which you perceive the totality of creation — Zero — further filtered by Earth rules — further filtered by the collective — further filtered by your human condition — and finally by your particular “personality matrix.”

To help grasp this concept — imagine having a Polaroid camera. Take a picture. Everything in the photo can be considered a representation of yourself through the filters of the game all the way through to Zero. That’s right — the chair, the table, the window, the river outside, the birds singing and the plane crashing into your neighbor’s house. Its all based on parameters within you and then rendered thus.

Now, take a step to the left and take another picture. The variable changes what you see. Now take pictures so fast that you can’t see the frames in-between and understand that the scene itself isn’t just resolving your own story, but factors in outside elements as well.

This analogy just concerns the visible aspect, but imagine that the picture also contained everything else: touch, smell, sound, thought, emotion, what your imagination is doing, the input from your friend, a dog barking, the wind blowing, etc.

That is a good crash course — so let’s go back to the Buffer now.

Once again, imagine someone is taking all of your photographs and hiding them from you. Your viewfinder on the camera is busted, so you can only sort of gauge what you are taking a picture of in your “mind’s eye.” You won’t see these photos “in reality” for some indeterminate lapse of time. You are always viewing photos that are “old.”

But Macil, you said time doesn’t exist!

That’s right. But stories & expectations do. And this is where verisimilitude comes in.

This is the official definition of verisimilitude –>


the appearance or semblance of truth; genuineness; authenticity: The play lacked verisimilitude.
something, as an assertion, having merely the appearance of truth.

“What is the one absolute we know, class?” “Free will is absolute!”

You cannot violate your own will, nor the will of others — so how do all these paint guns not paint over each other? Verisimilitude is how. Verisimilitude is how every absolute choice is resolved.

The rules of Zero cannot be broken — but the rules of Earth can ; the rules of Earth are just limitations or ‘suggestions’ that you are imposing upon yourself either through ignorance or choice. Every choice is the next step of a story where you are the writer.

All of the stories must resolve in a believable way. By “believable” we mean — by the expectations you have set for yourself. So if you want an “unbelievable” break in the continuity or stability of your Earthly experience, you would first need to craft a story that you can believe in.

None of this is to suggest that you are in some limbo zone, or movie reel, where you are waiting to catch up to your choices because this isn’t quite true. Rather, you are in a kind of storm, or vortex, where some of your actions have faster resolution and others are delayed, waiting to play out or be adjusted by confluence (does this “seem” to violate someone’s will? does this violate a rule of Earth? how does this synchronize? are there random factors? what do I expect to happen? what limitations do I hold upon myself as true? do I believe it? etc.).

Remember, there is no time — meaning your sense of time is an illusion.

What occurs in your physical reality is the “confluence of verisimilitude” in the moment that it is observed. This means it is the “resolution” of will from every being in all of Zero (including Earth) in that moment. All these choices change the “flux” of all Zero, adding to the sum of all experience and thus also adding to the potential or possible choices each being can make.

This means all the beings everywhere are all painting pictures which add to and change the flux of Zero, thereby subsequently adding to the range of potential choices you can make. Your Authenticity or intuition allows you to perceive the perfect path (suited for you) within the totality of Zero in the single moment it is observed to realize your perfect will (your maximum potential, or the range & accuracy of your verisimilitude).

This Authenticity changes the very next moment it is observed, because we are constant and in flux. We are not static, but like an amorphous blob. Authenticity is your divine compass. Often philosophers and spiritual material gets confused by this compass upon its apprehension, believing Zero to be a “solved” equation — mistaking a single moment for “everything minus potential (thus a dead entropic universe)” — and derive their entire work on this incorrect premise — but this bears its own article.

I will talk about the failure of certain paradigms in including “potential” or perpetual unfolding experience in another article.

How do Others impact the outcome of your Will? Like all stories, that depends on you. For some people, the Other has a great impact for good or ill and for some, little to no impact. In the human narrative, generally speaking, an inordinate amount of influence is often attributed to The Other, to the point where people victimize themselves and have constructed entire societal structures for the regulation and management of “The Other” to avoid having to examine themselves — a habit I often view poorly around here. Go back and re-read the article on One Worldism and how “matchmaking” between people works: One Worldism.

The nature, role and responsibility of the Other is up to you, but know this: The Other is another absolute of Zero. Without The Other, eternity cannot exist. Abuse or abandon The Other at your own peril or fortitude.

There are a few tricks to get yourself to “see” the illusion of time. Try this: anything you believe to be “yours” in this reality, simply “disown” it. Pretend that it is not yours. In fact, pretend that you are in a world in which you have no stake. If you find this difficult, then recall your dreams — your dreams often have this sense of “non-ownership” — it can also feel like a sense of wonder, or newness.

Here’s another: Imagine yourself looking at the world like when you were a child. This will allow you to see how “time doesn’t exist.” You can also imagine the “onset of adulthood” where time was imposed on you where timeless and time met to create a kind of dread and in this space see “backwards” where time had no meaning.

There are other ways, but what they have in common is “sitting in your will/observer” and NOT “sitting in your eyes.” It is “stepping up” your awareness such that it is unfettered, kind of like floating or flying.

The only thing binding you is the verisimilitude; there are no physical laws, societal laws, ethics, or any other force except the force of verisimilitude which impede or bar your will from executing as you imagine it. But verisimilitude is far more powerful than you can imagine — it is not a simple matter to say, “believe contrary” to arrive at your desires. A simple belief requires a great deal of time to integrate — never mind undoing beliefs which are often tangled and dependent upon one another, causing incoherence or destabilization in your soul cohesion.

Verisimilitude might be considered to be the confluence of your soul ; it is the stability and belief in yourself and cannot so easily be altered. Undermining this verisimilitude without the proper work is like using a rickety ladder or knocking down a load-bearing beam to remodel — it will likely result in suffering (incoherence, loss of waveform.)

You might also equate it with building a skyscraper — there is a great deal of work that must go into calculating all the load & tolerances so the building does not fall over. A building is just like a story (no pun intended). And if you have to go down to the foundation, then you can imagine how much work this is.

It would be easier to devise technological means for “breaking” the rules than to work on the structures within yourself that impact this verisimilitude — and that is largely the way of physicality. That is the way many folks opt to take because it is comfortable and doesn’t require much thought or effort (which is precisely why it diminishes awareness and consciousness.) Folks who do not wish to do the inner work will elevate the physical above themselves as a spiritual shortcut, thus ultimately becoming physical (deterministic) themselves.

Relying on technological means is like building your skyscraper taller and taller to reach the heavens, rather than going back down to the foundation to secure your ascent whenever you reach a “new level.” Eventually your tower will topple under its own weight because the foundation cannot support it. It is just another metaphor for an entropy box, or a timeline without potential — a “dead end.”

Improper use of technology concerns the breaking of the Earth rules, rather than their unraveling within yourself. This unraveling is what I would call “self-actualization.” Proper use of technology assists with the ladder — it does not help you “cheat” this process.

How long is the Buffer? This is a complicated question.

I use the term the Buffer to elucidate a concept, but in truth there is a Buffer for every story that must resolve. Will cannot be denied. You cannot “will” a prior will away, because this would be a violation of the absolute of free will — and an absolute cannot be violated by nature. There are no exceptions, so an “anti free will” doesn’t exist — it is a “nonsense.” To act in “counter” is anti-life — again, a nonsense — it is believing you can turn off the paint gun and “go back.” There is no such thing to “go back to.” This causes corruption and turbulence which you will experience as suffering.

In fact, most of the world’s ills can be traced back to the very concept of trying to “undo” your prior decisions. The Buffer obscures your will and thus you often misplace or confuse your responsibility. Awareness is what allows you to keep tabs on what you are painting, or what photographs you are taking and thus increases the amount of will you can exercise. Remember, you are a kind of “state” that is in constant flux — try to get rid of the concept of time altogether.

Fixation might be synonymous with awareness. It is your scope, or how much of Zero you can apprehend. In New Age circles, this might be similar to density. Increasing fixation (or lowering awareness) increases physical properties. Decreasing fixation (or raising awareness) decreases physical properties. Less fixation (or more awareness) correlates with a greater or more accurate fulfillment of will. You can be coherent with increased fixation (or less awareness) but your perception of Zero decreases, so your potential, or range, or ability to fulfill your will diminishes, because your universe becomes more deterministic. Beings with low awareness or high fixation have hidden their wills in physical & external altars.

Congruence is your ability to take responsibility for and act in harmony with your prior decisions, or your overall being. For example, if you believe telling a lie is bad, then you are congruent when you tell the truth — telling a lie would represent an instability. Instability creates incoherence, which we can equate with suffering. If you need to tell lies, then you would need to adjust your paradigm to explain why lies are acceptable to you. Low congruence would mean that you do not know yourself well, or are in a state of civil war with yourself. High congruence correlates with knowing the self.

I will talk more about congruence when I talk about the “one true path” fallacy, or how Zero has “no weights.”

Note: you cannot cultivate a personal paradigm against Zero’s absolutes as this represents a Nonsense or anti-life. For example, you can believe there is no such thing as free will, but this will simply steer your realm into determinism (entropic ; without potential ; a collapsing universe) until you realize the error of your ways.

Also note that games themselves can be entropic as subsets of Zero. I’ll talk about this later. To the best of my ability to discern, Earth is an evolutionary-type of game, either intentional or accidental, aka, intended (or a by-product) to raise cohesion or bring beings to self-actualization.

Whatever you are focusing on right now is coming back to you. That is my personal experience. It should be noted that this can include behaviors, thoughts and feelings ; so “feel better” or “be more motivated” is a good always a good investment to start making.

That might sound easy, but it is not. It favors a stable environment and excessive contemplation, which most people never do ; their contemplation is rather done through retroactive experiences — aka, “hard knocks”, or through the need of instant gratification.

When you start to get good at this, you make it a point to never corrupt or neglect your Buffer. I say: do not shit in your own realm, which you are always in no matter where you appear to be “on Earth.” Slowly, you begin to raise your “baseline.” Your baseline is the font from within yourself that produces your stable or “usual” experience. You are building that skyscraper floor by floor.

In the future, we will talk about Environment and Investment in terms of this baseline.

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