On One Worldism

You know what time of year it is — tax season. That’s right — the time of year where we have somehow been convinced that paying a toll is somehow necessary for the functioning of a civilized society. Worse, we are conned into doing the work of collecting the toll and hand delivering it! Talk about evil.

This is a good article for Ex Inanis because it exemplifies the problem of One Worldism so well.

Before we continue, this is your friendly reminder to read the disclaimer plastered on the top of the site. The discussions we have here are intended to challenge your understanding of the world — not provide you with answers.

Let’s begin.

You’ve heard every argument in the book for the justification for taxes, I’m sure: protection (military), welfare (of any kind), public services (roads, power) and so on. We are not going to rehash any of those here. I don’t care where you fall on the spectrum — if you believe in any form of government, even some ideal form that has never existed, you are still stuck in One Worldism.

So how do we explain “One Worldism?” This is just a phrase I coined. This has nothing to do with one world governments or the unification of mankind.

Your 3D / material / survival mind will want to argue that we live in a world of scarcity — whether that scarcity be time, resources, manpower or physical space. This deception is extremely powerful because of the limited human perspective. Your survival mind wants to believe that this scarcity is derived because we are all part of the perceived “one world” — all in this together. But this is a horrible lie.

You want to see the “world” as a physical place, like a pie that must be divided. We need structures, governments and all manners of machinations to control this pie otherwise there would be abject chaos. Our own lives reinforce this because our experience is so real and visceral and having an aching body or a hungry belly makes little room for pondering higher truths. So we surrender to the convenient truths that we must work, or must sacrifice or must take.

You believe in this “one world pie.” But what if EVERYONE had their own pie? Furthermore, what if the pie never ran out? But that is absurd, you say — that doesn’t match our experience at all.

The world is built anew in every moment by the core of our own being as individuals. And there are no limits upon how that world is built. It is a never-ending fountain. You make the mistake in thinking you are situated in your brain, or behind your eyes, rather than as an observer of the entire scene playing out before you.

To a fixated consciousness, it is inconceivable that reality is flowing out of us like a sieve, or that we are converging/diverging and stitching together hundreds & thousands of realities at once. Imagine if every pixel on your screen was an entire universe from which you were just borrowing one color to paint the picture on your screen.

The world that is created is created via the seat of our will. We have entrained our wills over lifetimes and part of this entrainment includes the idea of ONE WORLDISM. We believe we must “feed ourselves” from a power other than God — like the physical world of Earth, which exists “outside” of us — and so we believe ourselves to be “outside”, or apart from God.

Feeding comes loaded with a powerful, entangling verisimilitude.

We are all connected this way — yet this does not mean we “humans living on Earth.” We are beings who are carrying all the stories that comprise mankind. For each one of us, there is another version of Earth. And when we all come together, a confluence is created — an intersection, like a vortex — that animates the world that we live in.

Every person is a circle, which represents a complete self-sufficient universe. The overlapping part is the world. The “black” would represent God, from which we create our universe.

Also, do you see the “flower”?

All of us have believed in One Worldism. We have believed in for a very long time. This is changing, not just in ultra-niche esoteric blogs that no one reads like Ex Inanis. You see the birth of this knowledge even in the mainstream. Look at the smash hits that Marvel puts out which have introduced the concept of the “multiverse” to a wide, captive audience. (I need to write a post on the series LOKI, which was way more awesome than I expected) This is the collective unconscious being expressed in extraordinary ways beyond the private circles of philosophers.

This subject brings us into even more mind-bending territory. Remember what I said about seeing the whole world as one connected scene? Your entire qualia is YOURS!

Imagine if every person’s world is represented by a Chessboard. That is, their whole world is both sides of the board — the black & white, kings and queens and all the pieces.

In competitive chess, there is a rating system that is used that is called ELO. A player’s ELO rating determines who they match with in competitive environments. This would also be similar to other sports, but Chess works best because it is an individual rating.

Now imagine that the ONLY Chessboard you can see is your own. Alright? Everyone has a Chessboard, but you can only see your own.

When I move a piece, I am moving a piece on everyone’s Chessboard (including my own) with whom I have a similar ELO rating. And when someone else moves a piece, they are moving it on my Chessboard. You can’t see the “invisible hand” doing this, but accept that it is there. (It is your hand, which you are moving via a consensual agreement with the other player, like playing Chess by mail / phone / etc.)

Your life “ELO” is what is determining who appears in your life, as well as your life’s circumstances themselves. Your ELO determines who can move pieces on your board and whose board YOU can play with. Your ELO is the force behind the animation of the world.

All the Chessboards are superimposed ontop of one another, but this “ELO” is what determines which boards see each other.

Let’s get even more wild!

Now consider that there are MANY kinds of Chessboards. I mean, beyond marble or wood Chessboards. Imagine to play with other people, you don’t have to play with a Chessboard. You can play with Monopoly, or a deck of cards and this “ELO” rating still works.

The Chessboards could represent Earth / Human. But the Chessboards could represent anything. Do you think a tricky Norse god is playing the same game humans are? What the hell does HIS gameboard look like?

Do not mistake using the iconography of the Chessboard as a surrogate for the mind. That is wrong. We are using the Chessboard as a reference to your ENTIRE LIVING EXPERIENCE — awake, sleep, doesn’t matter. We call this qualia.

Now consider that you are fully in charge of what game you are actually playing. You can even create house-rules for your Chessboard that other players have to obey if they want to play with you. And no free will is ever violated, because players are freely choosing to match with you or not.

Is this starting to become clearer?

The analogy is still cumbersome because the idea of a Chessboard still imposes a sense of boundaries — a sense of “here and there” — or “outside/off the board” — which isn’t right. The truth is that all the realities overlap and mix together in more of a dance — like the colorful smoke that I use as the background of the website.

How does this all loop back into taxes?

Scarcity is baked into the idea of Earth / Human via its hypnosis of the ONE WORLD. Everything that creates the ONE WORLD creates the hypnosis of scarcity, or the idea that because there is just ONE WORLD, it must be split, divided, and limited. Just as the pieces in Chess must move in particular ways, the Human game has imposed rules upon our mind.

And so when you begin to see this perspective, you start to understand that taxes are diabolical because they create a means by which we FEED UPON ONE ANOTHER instead of deriving our being from God (because we believe we will cease to exist if we do not.) The energy becomes contained, or entropic — in the diagram above, the energy remains amongst the circles, instead of flowing in/out through God — instead of believing each of us is connected to a never-ending reservoir of power that constructs reality.

Can you see how this “one world” would inform behavior? How it would inform how our entire experience would unfold? How all culture and civilization would rise from this seemingly tiny assumption? How then that entire world would begin creating its own self-sustaining feedback loop? Would you say, even, that this loop could become almost perfected to where it became almost its own pocket of reality, hiding from God?

It is a little like a child playing pretend and hiding from their parents behind their hands, is it not?

If you are really paying attention, can you see how powerful the agenda of maintaining the idea of a one world would be? If people could create their own worlds, anything dependent upon them would starve and have to find their own way.

It becomes even more mind-boggling when you realize IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO FEED ON ANOTHER ! It would violate the absolute of free will. So how do you explain seeming violations of will? Easy. We are knocking over our own Chessboard like a child having a tantrum.

We are creating a “drama” in our own Chessboard and victimize ourselves with the idea that others can take our energy or do harm to us. When this happens, it plays out like a stage drama in our lives. Fixation is what causes us to “act” without the awareness, or in a lower frame of mind. That is also “part of the game.”

Even your body & health is part of this drama. Remember, your Earthly representation is part of the whole scene. It is your “fixation” that places you behind the human.

Note, there are plenty of forces we have set in motion upon our Chessboard that can seemingly violate our will but are part of the story we are continuing to comply with or renew. What altars are you still worshipping?

Yet it is one thing to understand this and then another to deal with having to make money, broken bones or injured loved ones. Ex Inanis explores how to change the nature of this game, while also optimizing how we work together with our fellow players.

The logical question to ask here is: Do the players we play with, then, prevent us from changing our game? No! And in fact, they can help. But this is a more daunting task than you might realize. You are VERY INVESTED in playing Chess! And so, you play with other players who are also VERY INVESTED. We create a situation where our ELO has made us “stranded.”

But this is not an exile. We created our stranded island on purpose. Or, well, we created it because it is a consequence of the cohesion of consciousness. As consciousness becomes cohesive, it begins coalescing into a kind of island. When the island is stable and complete, then it can integrate with other places / universes without sinking into the ocean (that would be God).

This is a delicate time, because the “true self” is deciding what it wants to be.

That is enough for now!

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