Where do we start?

Edit from the future: Substitute all references of website to ‘blog.’

Another edit from the future: start with the Lexicon.

That is a good question and I have never found a satisfactory answer. Because there is none. There is no starting place.

Even naming this website was always insufficient. What one word could I use to encompass everything I want to put here?

I didn’t realize how apt the name Ex Inanis was to become.

In Latin, it would be “From Nothing.“ Nothing could also be void, or the inane, or nonsense. We will talk a lot about “nonsense.” This name is perfect in more ways than I can count but it took awhile for me to see it. It will be explained in time.

The knowledge of this website cannot be taken in isolation. It exists as a whole and each piece relies on another piece. You may personally derive benefits from any one piece in isolation, but there are concepts that only become apparent and realized when the whole is held, or when certain pieces come together.

Let’s try working from a high level and work our way down.

What is this website about?

Aside from the introductions, more concisely, this website is a love letter ; it is how to manual on how to become whole ; a manual that you don’t need when you are a whole. It is a “bible” for “learning freedom.”

And I have achieved that wholeness for brief times in my life and whenever it happens, I lose all my reasons for creating this website. So it never happens. So inevitably I fall off the wagon and I have to find my way back again.

This website is a love letter to me that I intend to carry with me for all time. To never forget again.

I am going to show you “how to correct your universe when you fuck it up.”

One of the rules of this website I am making from the start is that I will not refrain from posting just because it is imperfect, or a “work in progress.” In this Context, there isn’t enough time to get stuck in revision hell. I find that in all past incarnations where I have attempted this work, I get bogged down in perfectionism and obsessions with tone. That will not happen this time ; what is shared, is what is shared. The tone will not always be neutral. There will be errors. Clarity is not always assured. Sometimes I write shorthand in a way that only I understand. You are responsible for how you take it. Because this is considered an ongoing work – as a whole – revisions may occur without notice to all posts, but primarily posts that try to express understandings of Ex Inanis.

This website is a work in progress. It is not complete. But the incompleteness also represents a commitment. Until it reaches a certain threshold, my interaction with readers will be minimum. Right now, I am in the initial commitment / working phase.

I will “open” the site more as it develops and as I start extending the project.

What can others that are not “Macil” expect from this website?

You can expect to have your paradigms seriously challenged. I hear you laughing. This is your only warning.

I am sure you have watched movies, read books or played video games where characters go mad because they discover some deep dark secret.

Other than that, the “Not Macils” are here because they are going through a personal crucible ; we all align or create what we choose ; we are our own teachers.

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