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This is just a broad overview or synopsis of concepts. The blog itself explores (and adds to) these concepts. You should not look for a complete understanding just from this page.

Paradox (Potential)

Most established work has some kind of concept of God, Everything, Source, Creator, Universe, but the concept of “potential” is often omitted from these works.

If an established practice, paradigm, system, religious, philosophical or spiritual omits potential, it is entropic or what I call an “entropy box.” This subsequently poisons the entire body of the work, because its central perspective is that the universe is “solved”, i.e., without potential.

This is because the universe is “solved” one moment and “unsolved” the next in rapid eternal sequence and these other works become confused on this — often equating the sense of Authenticity (Heart), which provides the guiding force in one’s life, with the idea that this is a “movie playing out.” This can be used as an excuse to disengage with one’s life, thinking it will solve itself.

Most works assert some variant that we are “God exploring itself”, or “God remembering he is God”, or “God meeting itself”, or sometimes infinite rebirth upon reaching this threshold. Often, a consequence of these beliefs is that the whole universe is “accounted for” or “written” but this is to be expected when viewing the universe as an (entropy) box rather than an eternal continuum.

The concept of potential itself is also “part of the all” and cannot be omitted. This means that there must be something that is “yet to be.” If the universe is solved, then there is no “yet to be” — no potential — just an obfuscation of what “is already.”

Without this potential, the universe cannot achieve a state of eternity, because it would “exhaust all possibilities”, i.e., once again — entropic.

Most belief systems confuse the nature of the “ultimate universe” (metaphysics) with the nature of the dream, the self, or “the incarnation” (subjective qualia) which is entropic — but “we” are not the dream or the incarnation.

I have built Ex Inanis first as a means of modeling how a “perfect universe” might work and then working backwards to create an informative way of being for existing in a less-than-perfect world.

Ex Inanis might be described as an attempt to create a state of mind that is able to navigate all realities, or ultimate freedom.

Ex Inanis asserts that the most informative position to adopt the idea that we an eternal wave that is always moving and always changing. Becoming “God” would be the cessation of all experience, as experience requires limitations in order to weigh outcomes and make decisions and thus a Nonsense proposition.

Paradox, then, is just array of possibilities you are capable of choosing given the “state of your wave.” Even as a demigod (little g), you would be something that is “less than God.”

State / Memory (Time)

God can be considered the “whole state of the universe.” Let us imagine that we could stop the entire universe in one frozen moment of (human) time. This moment of time would be determined by the “decision” (will) of every being possessing consciousness. This would include your own life, but also the lives of all beings, everywhere.

This “chosen state” passes into the “memory of God” and thus passes into the foundation of creation itself. This foundation (paradox) is the place that all beings draw upon when making their decisions.

Now imagine that this state “breathes in” and “breathes out” without end, each moment representing a new set of choices that reshapes the entire cosmos.

This is what allows for the eternal renewal of the universe. No end, no beginning, always new.

Time is an illusion produced by a need for verisimilitude, or believable sequence, implicitly forced by the overlapping of many stories that must resolve (according to the unbreakable law of free will).

“Time travel” would be the exploration of cosmic memory but would not be “going back” or “going forward” but creating an “expected realm” on demand.

Sovereignty (Love / Cohesion)

This might be thought to be synonymous with confidence, or cohesion. High levels of it produce a feeling like love, or wonder. It is a total fearless engagement with your experience, like a child.

It is the “confidence” you have with your own moving wave. Your “wave” is the combination of the Four Pillars (Will, Wave, Context & Authenticity.)

As you learn about, grow into & develop the Four Pillars, you are creating a kind of “immortal wave.”

The Divine Three represent ideals, so this would be “God’s Sovereignty”, or “God’s Love.” This is perfect cohesion and is the “default state of the universe.” It is the purest concept of consciousness that is without limitation or error.

As we embody more of this ourselves, we become more “godlike.”

If we were ever to become fully cohesive, like God, we would effectively cease to exist. Note, there is a subtle truth here I am still exploring between the idea of “becoming” and “being or merging into God (big G).” We would “know everything” and be unable to make decisions, thus experience would become impossible. Some estoteric / religious / philosophical works believe this is the nature of existence and that we go through great cycles of becoming God and then forgetting and starting all over … but I do not think this is correct.

It is not correct because we can imagine lives or realms “without doubt”, or without existentialism or where there is only ‘knowing.’ We can imagine a universe were the wisher is able to have their wishes fulfilled. I will write more on this in the future.

We can simply “ride the wave” for all time (achieving an immortal self — heaven), always becoming something new, effectively in a perpetual state that is “chasing (or serving) God” like Don Quixote’s Impossible Dream.




This is your “whole individualized being.” This includes factors beyond your current life that are often attributed to (mistaken) concepts like karma, DNA or genetics. These concepts are just one way you represent higher concepts as physical manifestations. DNA in particular is basically a hardcore Nonsense concept that ties you to a physical (deterministic) reality. This includes energetic patterns / harmonics that were created in “dreams long forgotten” that you choose (through a process of constant renewal) to carry with you.

Life and death are technically arbitrary (but extremely valuable) demarcations within your continuum.

None of these this are immutable. Rather, these are changing all the time as you cultivate your “immortal personality.”

Your wave is sometimes quite apparent, such as when you can readily identify the causes for both weals and woes, while other times it trickles or rains down upon you from beyond your reckoning. The Buffer obscures much of your Wave from you.

Your Wave could also be considered to be your “complete will” — a shiny Christmas box with all of your choices that you open over and over. It is the penultimate “choice” as “shown by the universe.”




This is nothing less than your heart. This is undeniable intersection of your fixed qualia and your potential qualia. It is the precise point where your world “touches God.” It is the light from heavens that shines the exact path you know you need to walk.

Denying Authenticity causes you to walk in circles. Authenticity, or heart, is the only door forward.

You can call this “fate” or “destiny” because it is the paradoxical truth of the path you must walk even though you have total & complete free will.

Heart is yours and yours alone, it is not a universal truth and not holding you to a universal solution. Heart is the unique trajectory of your wave that you can only pretend to fight.

With every breath in & out, Authenticity changes, dynamically changing as you change, but is always there, always present, showing you the way, no matter how badly you manage to get lost.

You may think you can drown out Authenticity, but Authenticity never hesitates to remind you when you are off course or making a bad decision.

When you are out of step with Authenticity, it is the sense of “obligations” that looms over you and makes you argue with yourself. It opens the door to guilt or shame, yet it is neither of these things, which are your own creations to teach yourself sovereignty.

Authenticity is a omnipresent concern or love that makes you want to be a better person, or to achieve the life you desire.

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